Where Is Ricky Van Shelton Today?

After some traveling, he made the decision to exit the entertainment profession. On his website, Ricky describes his current activities as follows: ‘Ricky spends time flying his plane, working on his 150-acre farm, gardening, fixing his collection of old vehicles, and antiquing.’

Is Ricky Van Shelton kin to Blake Shelton?

Ricky Shelton is not related to Blake Shelton (Van)

How old is Ricky Van Shelton doing now?

Ricky Shelton (Van is really his middle name) is now 69 years old and announced his retirement from touring in 2006 in order to spend more time with his family. He was born in Virginia and raised in Tennessee.

Will Ricky Van Shelton ever perform again?

To spend more time with family members in his native Virginia, Ricky Van Shelton has stated that he would be ceasing his touring activities.

Where is Ricky Van Shelton’s farm?

Ricky Van Shelton has been creating his own plans throughout the better part of the 1990s and beyond. Ricky Van Shelton is nowhere to be found. At the country singer’s 150-acre property, which is located east of Nashville along the Cumberland River, no one is available to take phone calls.

Does Blake Shelton have kids?

  • Shelton doesn’t have any children of his own, while Stefani is the mother of three sons from her marriage to Rossdale.
  • It was because of this circumstance that the widely circulated rumor spread that the pair desired to have a daughter of their own.
  • Several news agencies stated that the 51-year-old Stefani had undergone IVF procedures in order to assist her and Shelton in conceiving a child.
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Did Ricky Van Shelton write any songs?

It was written and recorded by Ricky Van Shelton, an American country music performer and songwriter. It was released as the third single from his Greatest Hits Plus compilation album in March 1993, making it the third single from his career. In the same way that I Am (Ricky Van Shelton song)

‘Just as I Am’
Single by Ricky Van Shelton
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Larry Boone, Paul Nelson
Producer(s) Steve Buckingham

Who discovered Blake Shelton?

After Shelton was discovered in the late 1990s by Bobby Braddock, the famed composer who wrote the hit song for George Jones, ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today,’ Braddock brought Shelton to the notice of Giant Records in 2001.