Where To Buy Cheap Souvenirs In Las Vegas?

We recommend Walgreens for souvenir shops because: Walgreens is a convenient one-stop shop for everyday essentials and low-cost souvenirs, and some locations are open around the clock. Terra’s insider tip: No matter which Walgreens you visit in Las Vegas, whether on or off the Strip, you’ll discover low-cost keepsakes of your journey to the Sin City.

Where to shop in downtown Las Vegas?

There’s also a World of Coca Cola and an M&M store at the Showcase Mall, so if you’ve got someone on your list who is a chocolate or Coca Cola junkie, that’s another choice, but it may not be as inexpensive. A plethora of small souvenir stores and kiosks can be found on Fremont Street, the pedestrian mall in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.