Who Owns Strack And Van Til?

When it appeared like Strack & Van Til, a small store founded by Ernie Strack and Nick Van Til in 1959 and which had outlasted so many other local grocers in Northwest Indiana, may not survive 2017, it was a scary thought. Central Grocers, the firm’s parent company, was driven into bankruptcy by enraged creditors.

What happened to Strack and Van Til grocery stores?

On May 15, 2017, Jewel-Osco submitted a proposal to acquire all 19 Strack & Van Til grocery stores for a total of $100 million. The bid was accepted. Jewel-offer Osco’s was ultimately unsuccessful, and the stores were eventually purchased by the Strack and Van Til families, as well as the Indiana Grocery Group, at a bankruptcy auction.

How old is Strack and Van Til?

Heritage that spans more than 89 years When Ernie Strack and Nick Van Til had independent grocery businesses in Northwest Indiana in the late 1950s, the beginning of our story could be traced back to that time. With a shared desire to provide clients with a more thrilling shopping experience, the founders of Strack and Van Til came together in 1959 to form the company Strack and Van Til.

Where is Van Til grocery store located?

In Northwest Indiana, there are many stores of the Strack & Van Til supermarket chain. Strack & Van Til and Town & Country Food Market are the names of the stores that operate under them.

How did Van Til grow its business?

Van Til expanded his company’s product offerings and extended its hours of operation by opening earlier in the day. Founded in October 1960 by Ernie Strack and Nick Van Til, Strack & Van Til is a family-owned and operated business in Highland, Indiana. As one of the largest supermarket companies in the Chicago metropolitan region, Strack & Van Til has evolved into a household name.

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How many Strack and Van TILS are there?

Strack & Van Til

Type Private
Number of locations 21 (20 SVT, 1 Town & Country)
Key people Jeff Strack, President/CEO Phil Latchford, CFO Michael Tyson, CMO
Products Grocery, Dairy, Frozen, Organic, Produce, Deli, Meat, Bakery, Floral, Alcohol, General merchandise
Website www.strackandvantil.com

Who owns Tysens DeMotte?

JASPER/NEWTON – JASPER/NEWTON – According to a press release issued on August 31 by the Indiana Grocery Group, LLC and the Tysen’s Country Market, Inc., the Indiana Grocery Group intends to purchase Tysen’s Country Market in DeMotte. Strack & Van Til and Town & Country Market are two of the Indiana Grocery Group’s 20 stores in Northwest Indiana, which are owned by the Indiana Grocery Group.

How much does Strack and Van Til pay in Indiana?

The average hourly wage for Strack and Van Til Cashiers in Indiana is roughly $8.30, which is approximately 27 percent less than the national average.