Cuba free medical school

The school accepts students from the United States — annually the program receives 150 applications on average, of which about 30 actually enroll, and 10 go to Cuba. Tuition, accommodation and board are free, and a small stipend is provided for students.
On top of that at their largest medical school, ELAM, located 22 miles (35 km) west of Havana, they now provide free medical tuition to students from around the world to come study abroad in Cuba.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Cuba?

Tuition fees at universities in Cuba vary between US$20,000 and US $40,000 depending on the university and the course of study. The good news is that this is the tuition fee for the whole course, not just for one year.

How many years is medical school in Cuba?

six years

Is university free in Cuba?

Public Education in Cuba has always been free . After passing the required entrance examination to your particular course of study, even attendance at the University of Havana was tuition free , except for the cost of books.

How many medical schools are in Cuba?

14 medical schools

Is it easy to become a doctor in Cuba?

As in other countries, studying to become a doctor in Cuba involves intensive coursework, passing medical exams and a residency program. Unlike most countries, however, Cuba has historically offered affordable schooling for low-income, but brilliant, medical students.

How do I get a medical seat in Cuba?

Essential ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA For CUBA MBBS SCHOLARSHIP At minimum 70% score in both certifications which are F.Sc. / Age between 17-21 years as per Cuba Scholarship for MBBS requirements. A final total score of a particular candidate will be recorded based on all of his credentials via open Merit system.

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How much does it cost to become a doctor in Cuba?

Tuition fees at universities in Cuba vary between US$20,000 and US$40,000 depending on the university and the course of study. The good news is that this is the tuition fee for the whole course, not just for one year. Also, Cuban medical schools support low-income students.

Can I become a citizen of Cuba?

In Cuba , you can be citizen only by birth and not by naturalization, except under exceptional circumstances. But you can become resident and, in order to apply for this, you must fulfill one or more of the following requirements : You are married to a Cuban or with a permanent resident in Cuba .

Can I retire in Cuba?

“Citizens can go to live anywhere, but while living in Cuba you cannot receive retirement or any other assistance,” she said. “But anyone who is not a citizen can be affected.

What is Cuba ranked in education?


Primary education , teachers per 1000 7.87 Ranked 9th. 43% more than United States
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary 9.06 Ranked 72nd.
Pupil-teacher ratio, secondary 8.43 Ranked 39th.
Secondary education , duration > Years 6 Ranked 105th. The same as United States

Is English taught in Cuba?

As Cuba slowly opens up its economy to the rest of the world, more and more Cubans are learning English . The Cuban government has made proficiency in English a requirement for all high school and university students. At such an international event, the common language is generally English .

Is Cuba a safe place to live?

The Cuba 2016 Crime & Safety Report states: “Most crime can be associated with pickpocketing, purse snatching, fraud schemes, and thefts from unoccupied cars, hotel rooms, and/or dwellings.” All things considered, Cuba is one of the safest destinations for travelers.

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What are the requirements to study medicine in Cuba?

You should score at least 4 in Physical Science, Mathematics, Biology / Life Sciences, and English. However, the department will consider only candidates between the age of 25 and 31 who have an endorsement for a degree/diploma. You should also have a valid passport or are applying for one at the time of application.

Is medicine free in Cuba?

PIP: The new Cuban government in 1959 began overhauling the for-profit health system which, 30 years later, resulted in free health services for all its citizens which is integrated with national social and economic development. Life expectancy in Cuba is higher than that of the US (72.5 vs. 71.9). Cuba