FAQ: Can Spar Varnish Be Applied Over Tung Oil?

Wipe-on poly or spar varnish will work on top of tung oil. This should protect the top from water damage, but it will show wear, so you will need to reapply every year or so. Forget the tung oil, Danish oil. Apply a pale golden stain to pop the color and clear coat with 2-3 coats of spar varnish.

Can you put spar varnish over Danish oil?

A varnish (or varnished look) can be achieved with products or combinations of products that include polyurethanes, lacquers, epoxies, etc. In short; you CAN apply a lacquer or a polyurethane over a Danish oil. Just as you can over any Drying Oil. The key to success is to make sure the oil has fully dried first.

How do I get a high gloss finish with tung oil?

I rub thoroughly between coats with 0000 steel wool when looking for high gloss. I have done up to 8 coats on a piece. The last couple of coats may be thinned with mineral spirits. You could also wax polish on top of the tung oil to achieve the sheen you want.

Can you refinish tung oil?

Pour a small amount of tung oil onto a clean rag. Once you’ve applied the oil to the entire surface, look for dull spots in the finish that indicate areas where the wood is dry. Apply another thin coat to these dry areas until the surface has a uniform appearance.

How long does tung oil finish last?

Reapplying Tung Oil every 6 months would be like reapplying lacquer every 6 months. Tung doesn’t evaporate, and in my experience, it doesn’t even wear down quickly. By reapplying it you are only trapping finger goo and grunge under the finish. Over time you’ll have an awful mess.

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Does tung oil make wood waterproof?

Tung oil has been around for many years. It’s still a favorite today because the oil penetrates into the wood, creating a relatively hard surface that repels water, giving it a waterproof finish.

Is Danish oil better than varnish?

The result is that they not only enhance the looks of the wood but provide protection as well. If you use a film finish like lacquer, polyurethane or varnish, you get excellent protection, but they don’t do much to enhance the surface of the wood looks. With Danish oil, you get both protection and good looks.

What is spar varnish made of?

Spar varnish is a type of marine varnish that is generally composed of natural oils and resins. It was the only type available when boats were made from wood. Polyurethane is the newest type of coating for boats and it looks like spar varnish but it doesn’t make your boat shiny like spar does.

Can you mix varnish and Danish oil?

But don’t overlook the oil/varnish blends with names such as Danish oil, tung oil, antique oil, and others. These easy-to-apply blended finishes penetrate the wood, form a light film on the surface, and provide the feel and look of a “hand-rubbed” finish in a satin sheen.

How do you make pure tung oil shiny?

high gloss. Four coats of pure tung oil cut by 50% with I use citrus solvent but u can use mineral spirits if u don’t mind chemicals. Wait at least 18 hrs between coats, always wipe the excess oil off the top of the wood about 45 min after application, depending on the wood.

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What can I put on top of tung oil?

Wipe-on poly or spar varnish will work on top of tung oil. This should protect the top from water damage, but it will show wear, so you will need to reapply every year or so. Okay if it is in your house, but not in a client’s. The best way would be an epoxy finish without the tung oil.

Does tung oil dry shiny?

As the name suggests, the pure tung oil is free of additives and distillates, meaning it doesn’t create a glossy or heavy finish. Pure tung oil dries to a honey color.

Can I put shellac over tung oil?

Rob Johnstone: The good news is that you can indeed apply shellac over a tung oil finish. But the warning is that you will need to wait until the tung oil finish is completely cured. Or, once the tung oil is completely cured, you could topcoat with oil-based gloss varnish instead of shellac.

When should you recoat tung oil?

Wait 24 hours and apply a second coat. Two coats are recommended. For additional gloss, repeat after 24 hours. For additional gloss, apply another coat of Minwax® Tung Oil Finish, 24 hours from application of previous coat.