Godfather 2 cuba scene

Was the godfather 2 filmed in Cuba?

Filming . The Godfather Part II was shot between October 1, 1973 and June 19, 1974. The scenes that took place in Cuba were shot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

What is the Superman scene in The Godfather 2?

A fictionalized Superman also appears as a character in the Godfather Part II , during a pivotal scene in which Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, learns of his brother Fredo’s betrayal of the family. During the scene, Superman appears on stage wearing a large red cape.

Why does Michael kiss Fredo?

In The Godfather Part II (1974), mob boss Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) kisses his brother Fredo (John Cazale) in Havana and reveals that he knows Fredo had betrayed him: “I know it was you, Fredo .

Why did Michael Corleone look at the lighter?

He held up his hands as if to say “this is your problem.” The lighter moment drew attention to Michael’s unique ability to handle situations others could not. It made him the one to handle everything for the family from that moment.

Why is godfather 3 so bad?

Godfather III suffers from a lot of unintentional self-parody, cringeworthy ’80s zeitgeist (since the bulk of its work occurred in the ’80s), and loses touch with the naturalistic character logic that the first two films epitomized.

Where was Hyman Roth’s house in Miami?

2045 N. Hibiscus Drive

Who killed Fredo?

At their mother’s funeral, and at their sister Connie’s urging, Michael seemingly forgives Fredo; however, it is merely a ploy to draw Fredo in and have him killed. Soon after, while Fredo and Neri are fishing on Lake Tahoe, Neri executes Fredo as he is reciting the Hail Mary, as Michael watches from his house.

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Why do mobsters kiss?

Mafia rituals But a kiss on the cheek indicates that the Cosa Nostra member regards you as an equal. Kissing a mobster on the hand is a sign of subservience, and a way of keeping a mob boss happy. * Another mafia ritual was revealed as recently as 1990, in the book Secret Societies.

What did Fredo do wrong?

Fredo betrayed Michael by working with Johnny Ola and Hyman Roth behind the scenes, when the Corleone and Roth organizations were negotiating a business deal. It’s unclear exactly what Fredo told Johnny Ola – rather, it’s implied that Fredo is just kind of stupidly naive and probably said too much about the family.

What cigarettes does Michael Corleone smoke?

Michael smokes Camel without a filter.

What is so good about the Godfather?

It made Italians seem like more fully realised people and not stereotypes… it helped Italianise American culture.” The Godfather also changed the star system of the 1970s. As Don Vito Corleone, Marlon Brando won the Best Actor Oscar (which he refused), and was returned to leading man status.

What happened to Enzo The Baker in The Godfather?

Enzo was to be deported back to Sicily. He was working in a bakery in Little Italy and was in love with the proprietor’s daughter. Don Vito took care of his deportation and helped with immigration, which allowed him to marry and take over the bakery . He was the one who owed a favor to the Corleones. Cuba