Often asked: How Long Is A Naui Certification Good For?

C-cards from PADI and NAUI do not expire. However, proof that you dived recently is frequently requested by dive centers. It is recommended that if you have not dived recently and are trying to start again, you should take a refresher course with a training agency.

Do scuba certifications expire?

No, your certification will not expire. As an PADI Open Water Diver, your certification is good for life. If you do not actively participate in scuba for an extended period of time, however, it’s a good idea to refresh your skills through the PADI ReActivate class.

How long is a dive certification good for?

While PADI certification doesn’t actually expire, if you haven’t been diving in the last 12 months (or don’t remember how long it’s been!), it’s highly recommended that you re-certify via the PADI ReActivate program. Or, maybe you’re about to embark on a diving holiday and want to feel that bit more prepared.

What is the difference between NAUI PADI and SSI?

While PADI is an organization of scuba diving instructors, SSI is a network of schools. SSI approves the association of a dive center or a resort. The schools, in turn, hire instructors. National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) – NAUI was the second-largest agency before SSI took over that slot.

Can you transfer NAUI and PADI?

Referral crossovers at entry level are only acceptable if the student completed their theory and confined-water sessions with an agency recognized by PADI, including SSI, SDI, NAUI, CMAS and BSAC. Instead, you must complete the next course (i.e. Advanced Open Water), and become certified as a PADI diver thereafter.

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Do I need a scuba refresher?

If a diver was certified Open Water but made no other dives after the course, then it would be sensible to do a refresher if the next dive is anything more than a few months later. For a diver with less than 20 logged dives then 6-12 months out of the water would warrant a tune-up of some description.

Does my PADI divemaster expire?

Currently, PADI does not have recertification requirements posted on their website. However, there is a chance that recertification is possible. If you have your Divemaster certification, it is best to contact a PADI instructor at your local PADI dive center to get more information on the subject.

Is it illegal to scuba dive without certification?

It is not illegal to dive without certification, but no reputable dive center or club would allow someone to dive with them without first being certified to scuba dive. It’s not that diving is difficult, it just requires a specific set of skills.

How long does PADI Licence last?

Your PADI licence will never expire but just like any other skill you will need to brush up on it every now and then! Just like that you’ve completed your training and you are now a qualified PADI open water diver and allowed dive around the world.

Can a 9 year old scuba dive?

To join the PADI Seal Team, a child must be 8 years of age or older. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but kids should be comfortable in the water. Parental approval is required.

Is NAUI internationally recognized?

Oldest Agency: NAUI Founded in 1959, it is the oldest civilian diver training agency, along with similar European agency CMAS. Over the years, NAUI has pioneered many of the training concepts now accepted as global standards throughout the industry.

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Does NAUI recognize PADI?

PADI Advanced Diver Requirements Apart from the small differences in their courses, NAUI and PADI are both good scuba diving agencies to be certified with. Both certifications will be recognized globally even though PADI is more widely known around the world.

How long is the NAUI Nitrox course?

Nitrox Diver is a 4-hour course of class room instruction right here at Diver’s World followed by a written test.

What is a NAUI certification?

With NAUI you are trained to plan, develop, organize and lead your own dives from your very first course. There are no stipulations or caveats with NAUI certifications. Your training will provide you with the confidence, skills, knowledge and ability to independently dive with your dive buddy anywhere in the world.

What is the highest level of scuba diving?

Master Scuba Diver (sometimes referred to as “MSD”) is the highest level of recreational diving, To become a PADI Master Scuba Diver™ you must: Hold an Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver certification. Complete five PADI Specialty Diver Courses.

Does PADI recognize SSI?

But will people accept an SSI qualification in a PADI shop? Yes! Both organizations are recognised all over the world for quality scuba diving training. Any qualification you gain with either will be valid in any dive shop.