Question: What Is A Lesson Segment?

room lessons are viewed as a sequence of lesson segments, a segment being a. block of time with a particular focus or intention. Each segment is conceptual- ized as consisting of three components-purpose, activity format, and topic or. assignment-which help characterize the instructional environment.

How long is a learning segment?

Select a learning segment of 3-5 hours of instruction that is centered around key concepts, skills and knowledge that underlie specific student content standards. Create an instruction and assessment plan for the learning segment. Write a commentary that explains your thinking in writing the plans.

What is a segment theme?

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What is the learning segment in edTPA?

Learning objectives: Student learning outcomes to be achieved by the end of the lesson or learning segment. Learning segment: A set of 3–5 lessons that build one upon another toward a central focus, with a clearly defined beginning and end.

How do you write the central focus of a lesson?

The Central Focus should describe the following:

  1. What you are teaching your students.
  2. The purpose of teaching this content.
  3. How the implemented standards or planned learning objectives apply to a learning strategy that you used, any skills that are acquired during the lesson, and any content-area connections.

What does edTPA stand for?

The Reflective Teacher. Standards. Purpose and Goals. Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) Student Teaching Assessments.

What is a central focus of a lesson?

Lesson Description. Central Focus: The central focus is an overarching, big idea for student learning in literacy. The central focus is a description of the important understandings and core concepts that you want students to develop within the learning segment.

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What are planned instructional supports?

Planned Supports:​Planned supports are the learning environment, instructional strategies, learning tasks, materials, accommodations, assistive technology, prompts, and/or scaffolding that are deliberately selected or designed to facilitate learning of the central focus.

What is an edTPA lesson plan?

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment designed to gauge a candidate’s ability to effectively teach a class of students. You will demonstrate your ability to plan for, instruct, and assess your students, providing evidence to support your decisions along each step of a 3-5 day learning segment.

What are the 3 tasks of edTPA?

The three edTPA tasks represent a cycle of effective teaching (i.e., teaching that is focused on student learning). Planning Task 1 documents your intended teaching, Instruction Task 2 documents your enacted teaching, and Assessment Task 3 documents that impact of your teaching on student learning.

How many lessons will you develop and teach for edTPA?

The edTPA requires three to five lessons from a subject-specific learning segment. Don’t feel pressured to create a unit from scratch—but you should certainly adapt it to meet your students’ needs and the Common Core State Standards.

How many hours of instruction is needed for the learning segment edTPA?

Task 1: Planning for Instruction and Assessment: In Task 1 you will plan a learning segment of 3-5 consecutive lessons or 3-5 hours of connected instruction.