Readers ask: What Are Surgical Retractors Used For?

In varying forms, retractors are used to hold an incision open, hold back tissues or other objects to maintain a clear surgical field, or reach other structures. They can either be hand-held or self-retaining via a ratcheting mechanism.

What is the main purpose of retractors?

A retractor is a surgical instrument used to separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back underlying organs and tissues so that body parts under the incision may be accessed.

What are Weitlaner retractors used for?

Weitlaner Retractor: It is used to deviate and hold tissues. The arms are slightly arched to minimise interference and optimise visibility and they end up in atraumatic parallel hooks that curve outwards.

What is a Deaver used for?

The Deaver Retractor is a large, handheld retractor commonly used to hold back the abdominal wall during abdominal or thoracic procedures. It may also be used to move or hold organs away from the surgical site.

What is a scalpel used for?

Scalpel is an essential dermatological tool used “ for making skin incisions, tissue dissections, and a variety of surgical approaches since the onset of ‘modern’ surgery.” Scalpel blades come in different sizes, identified by a blade number, and each serving a different purpose.

What are Kelly forceps used for?

An essential component for any tactical medical kit, these sterile, curved 5.5″ Kelly Hemostatic Forceps with a serrated blunt tip can be used to clamp large blood vessels, manipulate heavy tissue, and dissect soft tissue.

Why is it important to learn the function of each surgical instrument?

A skill that will massively enhance your experience in theatre is having an awareness of the names and functions of the different surgical instruments. This will enable you to better understand interactions among the surgical staff and make you a much more competent assistant.

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What type of retractor is a Weitlaner?

Weitlaner Retractor is a self-retaining, finger ring retractor with a cam ratchet lock used for holding back tissue and exposing a surgical site. It has curved shanks that lead to blades that have between two and six, sharp or blunt, outward curving prongs.

What is a Richardson retractor used for?

Richardson – retract abdominal or chest incisions. Used for holding back multiple layers of deep tissue. This is one of the most common general retractors.

What is a Gelpi retractor used for?

Gelpi Retractors are self-retaining retractors that hold back organs and tissues firmly while allowing the surgeon to be free from handling efforts during an incision. This is partly related to a locking mechanism, a sliding device mounted on the surface of the surgical instrument.

What is a Deaver in surgery?

Deaver. “Question-mark” shaped retractor used to retract, expose or hold back tissue, muscle, and organs for surgical exposure.

What is multiple toothed Vulsellum?

MULTIPLE TOOTHED VULSELLUM: • It is used to catch hold the anterior lip of the cervix in (a) D + E operation, (b) suction evacuation. • As it produces trauma to the soft and vascular cervix, Allis tissue forceps is used instead.

What Is lanes tissue Forcep?

Lane Tissue Forceps, which is used in maneuvering, grabbing or removing different types of things from the body. Our range of Forceps is also used in the delivery of baby. These medical instruments are offered to the clients in different sizes and specifications as per client needs.