FAQ: How big is louisville kentucky?

What are the demographics of Louisville Ky?

  • Louisville, Kentucky is the 1st largest city in Kentucky based on official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau. The population density is 10093.90 people/mi² ( 3897.26 people/km²). The overall median age is 37.2 years, 35.8 years for males, and 38.8 years for females. For every 100 females there are 93.6 males.

Hilly terrain blankets the southwest part of the city. Louisville and Jefferson County have a combined area of 397.68 square miles (1,030.0 km 2), of which 380.46 square miles (985.4 km 2) is land and 17.23 square miles (44.6 km 2) (4.33%) is covered by water.Country:
United StatesCounty:
Founded by:

Is Louisville KY a big city?

With a population of 597,337, Louisville is Kentucky’s biggest city and ranks as the 29th most populous in the United States. It is the seat of Jefferson County and one of the state’s two “first-class” cities.

Where does Louisville KY rank in size?

America’s Big Cities

RANK CITY 2010 Census
26 Portland, Oregon 583,776
27 Las Vegas, Nevada 583,756
28 Memphis, Tennessee 646,889
29 Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky 2 597,337

Which city is bigger Nashville or Louisville?

With only 1.3 million people, Louisville is by far the smallest. These don’t sound that much bigger than Louisville, but consider: Milwaukee is 21% bigger, Nashville is 24% bigger, and Indianapolis is 37% bigger.

Is Louisville dangerous?

The most dangerous city in the state, Louisville, is one of the few Kentucky cities with a higher violent crime rate than the U.S. as a whole. Driven largely by aggravated assault, Louisville’s violent crime rate is 647 per 100,000.

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What is the racial makeup of Louisville Ky?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Louisville was: White: 69.92% Black or African American: 23.60% Asian: 2.67%

What is Louisville famous for?

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Louisville 1 Kentucky Derby. Kentucky Derby. 2 Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Lou & Traci plus / photo modified. 3 Muhammad Ali Center. 4 Cave Hill Cemetery. 5 Frazier History Museum. 6 Kentucky Derby Museum. 7 Locust Grove. 8 Conrad-Caldwell House Museum.

What food is Louisville known for?

The 7 most iconic dishes & drinks in Louisville (and where to get them) Hot Brown. The Brown Hotel (address and info) Derby-Pie. Kern’s Kitchen (address and info) Burgoo. Mark’s Feed Store (address and info) Benedictine spread. Jackknife Cafe (address and info) Fried chicken. Harvest (address and info) Cheeseburgers. Bourbon.

What is the biggest city in Kentucky?

Is Louisville bigger than Atlanta?

Atlanta is four times as big and looks bigger than that. Driving through Louisville you will see yourself approaching a sizable city with a nice centralized cluster of tall buildings with surprising density. But within ten minutes you are out the other side of town and that’s all there is.

Is Nashville a southern city?

Hooray for Nashville: A Southern City Finally Gets the Civil War Right.

Is Louisville KY growing?

Compared with other fast- growing cities, Louisville has had an exceptionally large population – even before its 140% growth since 2000. Nearly all of Louisville’s 21st century growth occurred from 2000 to 2010, when the city more than doubled its population, adding over 340,000 new residents.

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Is Louisville in the Midwest?

Louisville is both a Midwestern and Southern city. I moved to Louisville two years ago from Minneapolis, and it’s been both a warm, comfortable transition and a shock to the system. Folks born and raised around Louisville have liltingly twangy accents, or they don’t.

Is Louisville a ghetto?

Louisville is the most ghetto i would say. There is alot of low income based housing in several parts of louisville. Even though I love Louisville with its historical houses and so many things to do and its beauty.

What are the bad parts of Louisville?

The most dangerous areas in Louisville is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data. Hallmark. Population 480. Shawnee. Population 10,746. Jacobs. Population 5,276. Park Duvalle. Population 4,085. Limerick. Iroquois. Wyandotte. Iroquios Park.

What is the most dangerous city in Kentucky?

The 20 Worst Places to Live in Kentucky Radcliff, Kentucky. Radcliff is a small town that has made the most dangerous cities list in the state, according to Only In Your State. Frankfort, Kentucky. Frankfort has also made the most dangerous. Shively, Kentucky. Bowling Green, Kentucky. Oak Grove, Kentucky. Pikeville, Kentucky. Murray, Kentucky. Covington, Kentucky.