FAQ: What Does Milestone Herbicide Kill?

Milestone® VM Plus specialty herbicide controls broadleaf weeds and woody plants in rangeland, permanent grass pastures (including grasses grown for hay*), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), forests, and on non-cropland areas, including invasive and noxious weeds on forests and non-cropland areas including industrial

What weeds does milestone kill?

Milestone provides excellent post- emergent and residual control of over 70 broadleaf weeds and woody plants, including knapweeds, hawkweeds, rush skeletonweed, and thistles, with proven tolerance to native grasses and many shrubs and forbs.

Will Milestone herbicide kill trees?

Very small amounts of aminopyralid can kill or damage sensitive broadleaf plants. Only spray pastures if injury to existing forage can be tolerated. Avoid application within the drip line (outermost edge of the tree canopy) of desirable coniferous and deciduous trees unless injury can be tolerated.

What is Milestone herbicide used for?

Milestone™ specialty herbicide controls susceptible broadleaf weeds, including invasive and noxious weeds on rangeland, permanent grass pastures, CRP acres, non-cropland areas (such as roadsides), non- irrigation ditch banks, natural areas (such as wildlife management areas, wildlife openings, wildlife habitats,

How long does Milestone herbicide take to work?

Within hours or days of application, the stems and leaves of labeled weeds stop growing and turn brown, with few exceptions. Most annual susceptible weeds will be controlled within four to eight weeks after application; however, complete control of main stems and roots may take longer.

Will milestone kill poison hemlock?

Chemical Control of Hemlock The application of 2, 4-D, Milestone or Weedmaster is effective if sprayed in the spring. 2, 4-D and Milestone can typically be applied to the edge of a creek or lake, but check the label instructions for specific details.

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How many gallons does it take to spray an acre?

You would put 1 Quart (32 Fluid Ounces) in 44-132 gallons of water to spray one acre (43560 sq. ft.).

Will Milestone herbicide kill dandelions?

5.0 out of 5 stars Milestone Works GREAT on Lawns! Kills Canadian Thistle and Dandelions! I applied it 12 days ago, and all the Canadian Thistle, dandelion and other broadleaf weeds that were in my yard are GONE! It didn’t harm the grass at all.

Does milestone kill white top?

The herbicide Milestone was sprayed in this strip near Lewis Bridge in western Lincoln County. The herbicide definitely controlled the Hoary Cress Whitetop. The herbicide allowed 95 percent control.

Is Milestone herbicide restricted?

Unmatched flexibility. Milestone gives vegetation managers and applicators exceptional flexibility. Milestone is also approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in treating vegetation in areas grazed by livestock and has no grazing restrictions, and it can be applied to the water’s edge.

How many milestones does it take to mix a gallon of water?

1/4 – 1/2 tsp per gallon of water with a surfactant at 1/3 oz per gallon water.. For 15 gal approx – 2-3 tablespoons milestone per gallon plus 5 oz surfactant. 7 of 7 found this helpful.

Is Milestone safe for grass?

Milestone Specialty Herbicide is specially formulated to provide excellent control on broadleaf weeds and woody plants in a wide range of use sites. It guarantees to effectively kill invasive weeds but leaves little to no damage on desirable cool and warm season grasses including bahiagrass and bermudagrass.

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How many milestones are in an acre?

Milestone spot treatments should be applied at a rate of no more than 7 fl. oz. per acre in at least 20 gallons of water. The liquid amount varies depending upon the height of vegetation being sprayed.

Does milestone stay in the soil?

How long does Milestone® herbicide persist in the soil? While Milestone herbicide will provide season-long residual control of emerging broadleaf weeds, this herbicide has a moderate field soil half-life. Half-lives in U.S. and Canadian field studies have averaged approximately 34.5 days.

Are milestones toxic?

The acute toxicity of Milestone has been found to be Category IV for acute oral and dermal toxicity (least toxic rating) by the EPA.. Acute toxicity is commonly measured by the single exposure lethal dose or lethal concentration that causes death in 50 percent of treated laboratory animals.

Is Milestone safe for trees?

Can I use Milestone® herbicide for weed control under trees? Aminopyralid, the active ingredient in Milestone herbicide, has limited activity on woody species, including trees, when applied to the soil under the canopy. Therefore, Milestone should NOT be used over the top of desirable trees.