FAQ: Why Does Pool Filter Pressure Rise?

High swimming pool filter pressure is usually the result of a lot of particles being filtered out of the swimming pool water. When pressure rises it is time to backwash the filter if you have that option with a sand or diatomacesous earth (DE) filter.

Why is the pressure high on my pool pump?

High pressure usually indicates a dirty pool filter, time to backwash or pull out the filter cartridge for cleaning. Be careful with high filter pressure, as filter tanks can rupture with deadly force.

How do I reduce the pressure in my pool filter?

Turn off your pool pump and filter. Open the pressure relief valve to lower the pressure in the pool pump. When the valve is opened, water will be emitted but will slow to a trickle and stop after a few seconds. This is normal.

What PSI should my pool filter run at?

The pool filter pressure should be steady, operating in a range of +/- 10 psi. When it’s outside this range, very low or very high, then you know that something’s wrong. Some gauges allow you to set the clean and dirty range, or you can write it on the filter tank with a marker.

What happens when pool pressure is too high?

High pressure in your swimming pool means that your filtration is not working properly. Eventually, the result will be improperly filtered water and possibly the replacement of your filtration system. Consider a high-pressure reading a warning bell that your swimming pool filtration system needs attention.

What pressure is too high for pool filter?

Generally, if your pool filter water pressure rises more than 10 PSI over the normal range, it’s time to clean – or possibly even replace — your filter. For most filters, 20 or 30 PSI is considered too high, but you should consult your pool professional to make sure that’s true for your model.

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Why does my above ground pool pump lose pressure?

A decrease in pressure in a pool pump is caused by air in the pump. You should check your pool pump’s suction line for leaks or clogs. Sometimes, having a dirty filter can also decrease the pressure you have. Having a pool pump that suddenly loses pressure can be annoying, but it’s not an emergency.