How Does Petruchio Respond When Asked To Change His Clothes?

Petruchio gives another, very different opinion of married life when Baptista asks him to change his clothes: “To me she’s married, not unto my clothes. Could I repair what she will wear in me. As I can change these poor accoutrements.” He calls Petruchio “a devil, a very fiend”.

How does Petruchio respond in regard to his lateness and his clothing?

How does Petruchio respond in regard to his lateness and his clothing? He brushes off any suggestion that his clothes convey disrespect: “To me she’s married not unto my clothes.” Petruchio’s rudeness may be contrived in order to insult Kate, and thus bring her self-esteem down so that he might better control her.

What is Baptista’s reaction to Petruchio’s outfit?

Petruchio and Grumio finally arrive. Petruchio acts as if nothing is strange about his attire, and asks where Katherine is. Baptista is offended by Petruchio’s lateness and ridiculous clothing. He and Tranio tell Petruchio to change his clothes before seeing Katherine.

When Baptista entreats Petruchio to change his clothes What reason does he give for refusing?

When Baptista entreats Petruchio to change his clothes, what reason does he give for refusing? Petruchio told Baptista that Kate isn’t marrying the dumb or normal side of him, she’s marrying the insane “crazy” side of him; Kate should marry him for him and not his clothes.

What does Petruchio ask Hortensio to do for the tailor what does that tell us about Petruchio’s personality?

What does Petruchio tell Hortensio to do? What does this imply about Petruchio’s behavior? He tells Hortensio to secretly pay the tailor. This portrays a prideful image and he wants power.

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Why does Petruchio wear a costume to the wedding?

The ridiculous outfit Petruchio wears to his wedding with Kate symbolizes his control over her. Simply by wearing the costume, he is able to humiliate her. She consents to let the ceremony proceed, even with Petruchio dressed like a clown, and thus yields to his authority before the wedding even begins.

How does Petruchio behave at the altar?

Petruchio does all the following at the altar during his wedding ceremony, except: Hit the priest. Swear loudly. Kiss Katherine.

What did Petruchio do Katherine?

In William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew,” the protagonist Petruchio “tames” his newly married wife Kate by matching her wit, by embarrassing her at their wedding, by keeping her from eating and drinking and by forcing her to agree with everything he says.

How is Petruchio dressed for his wedding?

Biondello approaches and announces Petruchio is on his way, dressed in worn, mismatched clothes and riding an old, diseased horse. Grumio travels with him in much the same attire. At the wedding reception, Petruchio declares the wedding feast shall take place but without the bride and groom.

What does Petruchio think of the hat the dress?

What does Petruchio think of the hat? The dress? He thinks the hat is terrible and was made in a bowl and he sends the haberdasher guy away. Then he rebukes the tailor saying how that’s not what he wanted.

Does Petruchio accept the gown?

Does Petruchio accept the gown? Petruchio does pay the tailor, but only in the movie version (with Elizabeth Taylor) does he finally accept the dress after he has sent away the tailor.

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Do Kate and Petruchio fall in love?

The play is, after all, a comedy, and we are probably meant to believe that, despite their difficulties, Kate and Petruchio are falling in love, if they have not already done so. Under the comic influence of love, Kate is much less likely to use the full power of her critical thought to see through Petruchio’s schemes.

What do Petruchio and Katherine do in their bedroom?

Petruchio tells her not to worry and takes her to the bedroom. Curtis reports that Petruchio is constantly correcting, scolding, and berating Kate. Petruchio treats Katherine and his servants equally harshly, showing how both women and those of lower social classes are in similarly oppressed positions in the play.

What did Petruchio do to the gown and cap?

As with the hat, he acts as if the gown is hideous and unacceptable. The tailor says that he made it just as he was ordered to, and Katherine says that she likes the gown. Petruchio acts as if the tailor is insulting Katherine by offering her the gown, and tells him to leave.

What happens to the clothes the tailor makes for Katherine?

In the end, the tailor is sent away with the gown (although Petruchio slyly makes arrangements to pay for the goods, unbeknownst to his wife). Clearly Petruchio’s claim that he deprives Katherine of meat and sleep because of his deep love for her is even making her think he’s a bit mad.

Why does Kate accuse Petruchio of making her a puppet How does Petruchio respond to this accusation?

Why does Kate accuse Petruchio of making her a puppet? How does Petruchio respond to this accusation? Kate understands that Petruchio is trying to bend her to his will so that she will say only what he wants her to say and will do only what he commands her to do.