Often asked: How Do You Use Bond Function On Ba Ii Plus?

The bond worksheet on a BAII Plus calculator can compute the bond price, the yield to maturity or call, and accrued interest. To access the bond worksheet, press [2nd] [BOND]. Use the [↓] or [↑] keys to access bond variables.

How do you grow an annuity on a BA II Plus?

To recap the steps, here is how to find the present value of a graduated annuity due on the BAII Plus:

  1. Place the calculator into Begin mode.
  2. Enter N and I/Y, being sure to use the net rate for the interest rate.
  3. Enter the first payment amount into PMT.
  4. Solve for the PV.

How do you amortize a financial calculator?

To amortize a single payment, enter the period number and press SHIFT, then AMORT. The HP 10bii displays the annunciator PER followed by the starting and ending payments that will be amortized. Press [=] to see interest (INT). Press [=] again to see the principal (PRIN) and again to see the balance (BAL).