Often asked: What Is The Weather Like In Paraguay In December?

December Weather in Asunción Paraguay. Daily high temperatures increase by 2°F, from 89°F to 92°F, rarely falling below 81°F or exceeding 98°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 3°F, from 70°F to 73°F, rarely falling below 63°F or exceeding 78°F.

What is the coldest month in Paraguay?

The best time of year to visit Asuncion in Paraguay The warmest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 33°C (92°F). The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 22°C (72°F).

What season is December in Paraguay?

Summer is from December through February and winter from June through August. However, the traditional seasons have little impact on Paraguay. It is more commonly considered that Paraguay has a Summer or Wet season from October – March, and Winter or Dry season from April to September.

What is winter like in Paraguay?

Winters are temperate and dry with average temperatures between 13°C (55° F) and 21°C (69° F). Because of the great heat and rain, the best period for the visit of Paraguay is in the winter months between May and September.

Is Paraguay hot or cold?

Paraguay is intensely hot from November to March, averaging 95°F (35°C), with daily temperatures ranging between 77°F to 109°F (25°C to 43°C). It is coolest from April to September, though the average high in July, the coldest month, is 71°F (22°C).

Does Paraguay get snow?

In Paraguay, however, snow is virtually unknown, and daytime temperatures are mild even in these circumstances. Throughout the year, Paraguay is also exposed to warm air masses, which can bring warm days even in winter, with peaks above 30 °C (86 °F).

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Does Paraguay have 4 seasons?

Since Paraguay is a tropical country, it does not fully experience four seasons. As it is below the equator, summer begins in November. The peak summer months are December, January, and February, when average temperatures are 95°F.

What is the best time to visit Paraguay?

The best time to visit Paraguay is between March and November, when the weather is consistently warm, with temperatures of 73°F to 84°F daily. Travel to Paraguay is possible year-round, but keep in mind that there are only two main seasons: hot, and extremely hot.

How safe is Paraguay?

OVERALL RISK: MEDIUM Paraguay is generally a safe country though it has its many dangers in the form of petty crime, violent crime, smuggling, money laundering, corrupt police and many other. Just apply basic precaution measures and you should be fine.

Does Paraguay have a tropical climate?

Paraguay’s climate is subtropical to temperate, characterized by a rainy season in summer and a dry season in winter. The mountains, plateaus and valleys located in the east of the country contribute to a temperate and humid climate, contrasting with the warm, dry tropical climate of the Chaco plain in the west.

Why is Paraguay so cold?

Winter Climate During some winters, cold polar air travels from Antarctica and lowers the air temperature in parts of Paraguay.

What language does Paraguay speak?

To this day, Paraguay remains the only country in the Americas where a majority of the population speaks one indigenous language: Guaraní. It is enshrined in the Constitution, officially giving it equal footing with the language of European conquest, Spanish.

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What kind of currency do they use in Paraguay?

The Paraguay guarani (PYG) is the official currency of the Republic of Paraguay. Due to rampant inflation and issues with banknote security, the government planned to issue a new guarani, but efforts have failed to materialize.

What is the average weather like in Paraguay?

Paraguay has an agreeable climate with not too many extremes—summer from October through March, and winter from May until August. The coldest month is July, with average temperatures of about 17°C (62°F), while January, the warmest month, sees temperatures typically close to 30°C (83°F).

What food is Paraguay known for?

Most Popular Paraguayan Food

  1. 1 – Sopa Paraguaya (Paraguayan Soup)
  2. 2 – Chipa Guasu (Savory Corn Cake)
  3. 3 – Chipa Almidón (Cheese and Starch Bread)
  4. 4 – Mbeju (Starch and Cheese Flatbread)
  5. 5 – Pastel Mandi’o (Yuca Empanada)
  6. 6 – Payagua Mascada (Cassava Hamburger Patties)
  7. 7 – Butifarra (White Sausage)

What is Paraguay known for?

The most famous are ‘the heart of South America’, ‘the land of water’ and ‘the island surrounded by mainland’. Largest navy: Although Paraguay only has land borders, it has a large navy. Of all the countries in the world without access to the sea, Paraguay has even the largest naval power.