Question: Rome 2 how to increase influence?

How do I get more senators in Rome 2?

If your family has generals or admirals who are successful that raises your families prestige, which gives you senators. The amount of senators you have gives your family power, which at about 80% or so, causes a civil war.

How do you stop secession in Rome 2?

i had the same issue as you did but i learned how to keep the factions happy and here are your options: secure promotions for them. send them on diplomatic missions or arrange feasts (this one is two birds one stone kinda deal) the “secure loyalty” command (duh)

How do you gain influence in Total War Attila?

If you want to increase power, appoint family members for important positions, Win battles with family generals, When you will gather some influence, use gather support intrigue and adopt influential nobles to your family. Gather influence, that will increase your dominion, which you should use to increase control.

How do you prevent civil war Imperators in Rome?

The whole thing is based off of their power base, so if you are able to keep everyone’s power as low as possible, you have to piss off a lot more people to start the war. The other thing to do is keep an eye on all of your governors and generals loyalty and replace them before they become disloyal.

How do you increase influence in Rome Total War?

Secure promotions. Win battles. The higher the Gravitas of a family member, the faster they acquire influence for their particular faction. In order to increase Gravitas directly, you need to win lots of battles, or promote the family member in question.

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How do you raise the province loyalty Imperator in Rome?

If dealing with the source of loyalty loss is not enough, province loyalty can also be increased by: +0.004 for each point of governor loyalty above 50 (to a maximum of +0.20 at 100 loyalty ) +0.03 per governor finesse, plus +0.03 base when using the Harsh Treatment governor policy.