Question: What street is music row in nashville?

Situated southwest of downtown, Music Row is home to several businesses and attractions related to the city’s musical heritage. Considered the heart of Nashville’s entertainment industry, the Music Row area is centered on 16th and 17th Avenues South, which are known as Music Square East and West respectively.

  • Considered the heart of Nashville’s entertainment industry, the Music Row area is centered on 16th and 17th Avenues South, which are known as Music Square East and West respectively.

What is the street in Nashville with all the bars?

Broadway is a major thoroughfare in the downtown area in Nashville, Tennessee. It includes Lower Broadway, an entertainment district renowned for honky tonks and live country music.

Is Music Row the same as Broadway in Nashville?

A common mix up regarding areas of downtown Nashville is the confusion between Music Row and Broadway. The confusion makes sense; the bars and honky tonks on Broadway are filled with music, pretty much all in a row. Music Row seems like a perfect name.

How far is Grand Ole Opry from Music Row?

Music Row is closer but is not much of an attraction as you really can not go into an active studio. The Grand Ole Opry is about 12 miles away.

How far is Best Western Music Row from downtown Nashville?

Stay just one mile from downtown and Music Row to ensure that no last-minute concert, outing, or restaurant opening is missed. There are endless options just a stroll away, but given the comfort of this Nashville hotel, many guests prefer to linger for a while.

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What bars do celebrities go to in Nashville?

A Complete Guide to the Celebrity-Owned Bars on Nashville’s Broadway

  • AJ’s Good Time Bar – Alan Jackson.
  • Acme Feed & Seed – Alan Jackson.
  • FGL House – Florida Georgia Line.
  • Dierks Whiskey Row – Dierks Bentley.
  • Redneck Riviera – John Rich.
  • Ole Red – Blake Shelton.
  • Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar – Jason Aldean.

What is the best location to stay in Nashville?

Whether you are exploring this music-centric city for a family vacation or business trip, downtown is the best place to stay in Nashville. It is also an expensive area to stay, and exudes a lively atmosphere.

Can you drink in the streets of Nashville?

All alcohol must be sold by a business in or adjacent to the specified area. Memphis’ Beale Street and Nashville’s Broadway are the only other streets in Tennessee that allow open containers of alcohol.

What street has the most bars in Nashville?

Broadway Street is the most fun place in Nashville. Broadway, and the adjoining avenues, are filled with bars and restaurants. There are lots of stores and shops many with a lot of the same products.

Do you need a car to get around Nashville?

Nashville gets more walkable by the day, with many neighborhoods holding enough attractions, restaurants, and activities that you may not need a car. The key to making this work is finding a neighborhood you want to explore and booking your lodging there, even if it costs a few more dollars.

Is it safe to walk around Nashville at night?

Nashville has a few areas that are run-down and may attract a bad element. Use caution if renting a hotel or motel room on Dickerson Road or Trinity Lane. Keep your hotel room door locked at all times. Avoid walking around these streets alone at night if possible, and stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

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Is Music Row Nashville safe?

Very safe. There is really no crime to speak of.

What is there to do on Music Row in Nashville?

Music Row

  • Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.
  • Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries. Grinder’s Switch Winery at Marathon Village.
  • The Loveless Cafe. Nashville’s Biscuit Since 1951.