Quick Answer: Are Testicular Implants Safe?

Conclusion: The implantation of the new home-made silicone elastomer testicular prosthesis YH-G1 was safe and effective for the treatment of testis loss, and could meet the esthetic and psychological requirements of the patient.

How long does a testicular implant surgery take?

Typically, testicular implant procedures are relatively simple and last 20 to 40 minutes. Patients will experience some discomfort during the first 24 to 48 hours after their procedure. Surgical bandages usually stay on 24 hours.

What does a fake testicle do?

Consisting of a plastic ovoid manufactured from silicone rubber filled with a salt solution and implanted in the scrotum, a prosthetic testicle provides the appearance and feel of a testis and prevents scrotum shrinkage. It is also commonly used in female-to-male sex reassignment surgery.

What are the side effects of having one testicle?

Having just one testicle is rarely a risk factor for other health conditions. However, it can lead to some health complications. These include:

  • Testicular cancer. People with an undescended testicle have an increased risk of this type of cancer.
  • Subfertility.
  • Hernias.

Can you get an erection without testes?

Without your testes, neither testosterone nor sperm will be produced effectively. This may disrupt reproductive health, as well as the formation and maintenance of erections.

How much does it cost to get a testicular implant?

The surgery can be done either as an outpatient or in a hospital setting with minimal anesthesia. How much of the procedure is covered under insurance will depend on a man’s medical insurance policy and the reason for the surgery. Testicular implants typically cost around $3,000 (€2,560).

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Can a man without testicle have babies?

Men who have had both testicles removed are no longer able to produce sperm, so they cannot have biological children.

Does having one testicle affect puberty?

Finally, most males who have one testicle have normal sexual development and are perfectly capable of fathering children. Please try not to worry.

Can your balls hurt from not releasing?

But when that excess blood stays in the genitals for a long time without being released, that increased blood pressure (the “hypertension” in the medical term) can get painful, leading to an ache in the testicles not-so-fondly known as blue balls.