Quick Answer: Did Ender Kill Stilson?

It is revealed that Ender killed Bonzo when they fought. They are discussing Graff’s future, unsure whether he was arrested or promoted, since Ender succeeded brilliantly, but a student died under Graff’s command. They also mention that Ender also killed Stilson, although he does not know it.

What did Ender do to Stilson?

Ender, seeing that he could not escape the situation without violence, kicked Stilson in the chest and knocked him to the ground. To make his victory complete and ensure that neither Stilson nor any of his gang would ever come after him again, he then kicked Stilson several times in the groin, ribs, and face.

Does Ender kill Stilson in the movie?

Ender watched, and learned that he killed both Stilson and Bonzo.

Why does Ender kill Stilson?

We really don’t know anything else about Stilson. His main job here is to be killed by Ender for the crime of being a bully.

Who has Ender Wiggin killed?

Evidence #1: Ender kills Stilson and Bonzo. But Ender repeatedly kicks Stilson when he’s down – in the groin, in the face, everywhere. When Stilson is down, Ender isn’t in immediate danger anymore.

What happened to Stilson and Bonzo?

It is revealed that Ender killed Bonzo when they fought. They also mention that Ender also killed Stilson, although he does not know it. Anderson ends by saying that they are getting Ender to Command School just in time—the war is at hand.

How does Ender defeat the snake?

He screams and smashes the mirror with the snake.

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Who is the smallest soldier in Ender’s army?

Ender practices with his army and singles out Bean, the smallest of the soldiers. He realizes he is acting just like Bonzo/Graff, and decides to change the way he interacts with his soldiers.

Why does Ender hate himself in Chapter 13?

Ender hates himself because he is like Peter, and now his sister, the one person he truly loves, is asking him to go back to being like Peter in order to save her life. It is a tremendous personal sacrifice for Ender to leave earth, but for Valentine he will even destroy himself.

How did Ender kill Bonzo in the book?

Bonzzo and Ender about to fight in the shower room. Evading him with the slipperiness of his still-soapy skin, Ender quickly ended the battle by hitting Bonzo in the face with the back of his head as Bonzo attempted to avoid an expected attack to his groin. Unknown to Ender at the time, this attack killed Bonzo.

How old is Ender Wiggin?

Ender Wiggin, the story’s protagonist, is only 6 years old when the novel begins. He is at the center of nearly every scene, and he’s forced to struggle with monumental moral decisions that would flummox a man 10 times his age.

Does Ender have royal blood?

What is unique about Ender? All answers are correct. He has royal blood. He has a chip in his head.

Why is Wiggins called Ender?

He was their third child, his older siblings being Peter and Valentine. During his youth, Valentine gave him the nickname “Ender” because she could not yet pronounce “Andrew”. His birth illustrated Peter’s failure to fulfill a destiny in Battle School, and as a result Peter abused him mercilessly.

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Is Bean smarter than Ender?

Yes from a purely testing perspective Bean is more intelligent than Ender. He scored higher on every test to get into Battle School but one which he scored last in. Ender is a much better leader than Bean thanks to his greater humanity towards the enemy, something discussed much more throughout the Shadow Saga.