Quick Answer: How Do You Fix A Spinning Faucet Handle?

Spinning faucet handles can be caused by general wear and tear on the faucet stem, otherwise known as the faucet cartridge.

Steps for repairing a stripped faucet

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Remove the faucet handles and cover plate.
  3. Remove the locking nut.
  4. Remove the faucet cartridge.
  5. Replace with a new faucet cartridge.

How do you fix a faucet handle that keeps turning?

Turn the valve stem over and unscrew the washer on the end with a Phillips screwdriver. Replace it with a new one and tighten the screw to hold it, instructs This Old House. Drop the valve back into the faucet, screw on the retaining nut and tighten it with pliers. Replace the handle and turn on the water.

Why does my faucet handle keep turning?

Does a spinning faucet handle have you spinning your wheels? It’s usually a result of wear and tear on the faucet stem, or cartridge. The cartridge attaches to the handle and the two components work together to control the water flow. When the stem becomes stripped, the handle will feel loose or just spin on end.

How do you fix a stripped valve stem?

If it’s the stem that’s stripped, you’ll have to replace the entire valve. Turn off the water to the shower and unscrew the valve retaining the nut to remove the valve. If a Moen shower handle is stripped, you might have to pull out a retaining clip, using pliers, to get the valve out.

How do you tighten a sink faucet?

If the set screw is located at the base of the handle, use your hex head wrench (Allen wrench) to tighten it by turning it clockwise. And if the set screw is underneath a decorative cover, use your hex wrench or Philips head screwdriver to tighten the kitchen faucet handle accordingly.