Quick Answer: What is the closest beach to memphis tennessee?

What is the closest beach to Memphis Tennessee?

  • The closest beach to Memphis is Dauphin Island, Alabama – and my family just went there (via plane, from Plano, TX)! According to an EMM reader it’s about a six-hour drive from Memphis, so I’m totally kicking myself that we never went from Memphis to Dauphin Island while we lived there!

What is the closest ocean beach to Tennessee?

What’s the closest ocean beach to Nashville, TN? Pensacola and other beaches on 30A (like Seaside and Rosemary Beach ) are 6 hour and 48 minutes away. Destin and Gulf Shores is about 7 hours away. Panama City Beach is about 7 hours and 15 min. Tybee Island and Hilton Head beaches are about 7.5 hours away.

How far is Dauphin Island from Memphis TN?

The distance between Memphis and Dauphin Island is 359 miles. The road distance is 425.2 miles.

Are there mountains near Memphis TN?

The Memphis Nearby Mountains webpage provides you with a complete list of mountains in the vicinity of Memphis, TN. On the Memphis Nearby Mountains webspage we list all of the nearby mountain ranges, nearby mountain summits, nearby mountain ridges and nearby mountain gaps.

Does Tybee Island have clear water?

Great Beach, Clean clear water, – Tybee Island Beach.

Is Tybee Island a real beach?

Tybee Island GA – Savannah’s Beach. Welcome to Tybee Island, a small coastal community located only 18 miles away from Historic Savannah, Georgia. Consistently named as one of the top-rated beaches in the U.S., Tybee has something for everyone!

Does Dauphin Island have blue water?

Dauphin Island is located three miles south of Mobile Bay, with clear blue water and powdery white sand galore. It’s connected to mainland Alabama by bridge, and there are also ferry rides to take you to and from the island.

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How far is Gulf Shores from Memphis?

There are 365.24 miles from Memphis to Gulf Shores in southeast direction and 440 miles (708.11 kilometers) by car, following the I-55 S route. Memphis and Gulf Shores are 7 hours 27 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How far is Memphis from the mountains?

Yes, the driving distance between Memphis to Great Smoky Mountains National Park is 452 miles. It takes approximately 8h 1m to drive from Memphis to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

How far is Nashville from Smoky Mountains?

The distance between Nashville and Great Smoky Mountains is 189 miles. The road distance is 242.7 miles.

What mountains are near Nashville?

Nashville sits upon the Cumberland River, sourced from the Appalachian Mountains. It is also home to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and the beautiful state capitol building nestled upon a steep, magnificent hill.

What is the prettiest beach in Georgia?

11 Best Beaches in Georgia North Beach, Tybee Island. Sea Island Beach Club, Sea Island. Cumberland Island National Seashore. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island. Main Beach, Little St. Simons Island. East Beach, St. Simons Island. Glory Beach, Jekyll Island. St. Andrews Beach, Jekyll Island.

Why is the water brown at Tybee Island?

Due to the Savannah river, yes the water is brown and full of silt.

Can you swim on Tybee Island?

Currently, there are no swimming advisories on Tybee Island beaches. The health department recommends you do not swim or wade in the water in the areas under advisory. Fish and other seafood caught form these areas should be thoroughly washed with fresh water and cooked before eating.