Readers ask: How Can I Get More Space In My Kitchen?

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas To Maximize Storage Space

  1. Toss and consolidate.
  2. Store utensils in a cutlery tray.
  3. Install hooks to hang mugs.
  4. Get a cutting board that fits over your sink.
  5. Decant bulk items.
  6. Add extra storage space to the side of your fridge.
  7. Install a pot rack.
  8. Add dividers for lids, baking sheets, and pans.

How can I increase the space in my small kitchen?

The 25 Best Storage & Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

  1. Add hooks all over the place!
  2. Store stuff out in the open.
  3. Put little corners to good use.
  4. Use windowsills as storage.
  5. Hang a pegboard.
  6. Use the tops of your cabinets.
  7. Consider a fold-down table.
  8. Get cute folding chairs and hang them up.

What do you do if you don’t have kitchen counter space?

8 Ways to Create Extra Counter Space in a Tiny Kitchen

  1. Add some shelf risers.
  2. And a cake stand.
  3. Use your windowsill for storage.
  4. Turn your stovetop into a workspace.
  5. And your sink.
  6. Add a cart.
  7. Put your backsplash to work.
  8. Get a smart dish drying rack that makes sense for your space.

How do you extend a kitchen countertop?

10 Tips to Help You Get More Countertop Space in Your Small Kitchen

  1. Move the microwave.
  2. Hang the dish rack, or get a smaller one.
  3. Put the utensil crock on a floating shelf.
  4. Embrace your wall.
  5. Extend your countertop with a cart or island.
  6. Make a burner cover.
  7. Get an integrated or over-the-sink cutting board.

How do I maximize storage space?

Regularly decluttering is a key step in maximizing storage spaces. The best way to declutter your home is to go room by room. Break up large or complicated rooms into zones which allows you to stay organized. Then, work quickly and decide which items to toss or keep.

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How do I keep my kitchen counter clean?

The 23 Smartest Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Cleaner,

  1. Store as little as possible out on the counter.
  2. Declutter your kitchen.
  3. Hang knives from a magnetic knife rack.
  4. Use trays or stands to corral items left on the counter.
  5. Group items together.
  6. Get cookbooks off the counter.

How do microwaves save counter space?

Keep your microwave low. Rather than using counter space, custom shelves built by the owner hold the microwave on a low shelf. Placed at the same height as the freezer, the microwave doesn’t seem out of place and perhaps especially smart when it comes to pulling out very hot dishes.

How do I clear counter space?

Keep Counters Clear Instead, stash them on top of the fridge or cabinets, or hang them from a holder attached to the wall. Likewise, sink-related items, such as sponges and dish soap, can sometimes fit in caddies designed to go inside the sink itself to free up counter space.

How much counter space is needed in a kitchen?

Plan for Sufficient Counter Space You need at least 36 inches of clear, uninterrupted counter space for prep work, and 42 inches is better if you frequently roll out dough.

How can I save space in my house?

25 space-saving tips

  1. Put glass shelves across deep-set windows.
  2. Use a chest or an ottoman with storage inside as a coffee table.
  3. Put low bookcases along a sofa back: they’ll double as a sofa table.
  4. Keep the flooring throughout a small space the same for visual continuity.
  5. Line a room with a shelf high up on the wall.
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How do you use space in a small house?

How to Use Space Efficiently in a Tiny Home

  1. Use Wall Space.
  2. Use Double-Duty Furniture.
  3. Choose Skirted Furniture.
  4. Make Use of Awkward Spaces.
  5. Use the Space Over Doorways.
  6. Use the Doors.
  7. Invest in a Vintage Ladder.