Readers ask: What Is Alabamas Abbreviation?


What is short for Arkansas?

UTC−05:00 (CDT) USPS abbreviation. AR. ISO 3166 code. US-AR.

How do you abbreviate Boston Massachusetts?

BOS is a common shortening of the city of Boston, Massachusetts and an internet acronym, often standing for boyfriend or boss over shoulder.

How do you abbreviate Minnesota?


What’s the postal abbreviation for Florida?

Separate abbreviations will be provided for three island groups which have all been designated TT: -The Federated States of Micronesia will become FM. -The Marshall Islands will become MH. -Palau will become PW.

What is the proper way to abbreviate states?

When states appear in bibliographies, tabular matter, lists, and mailing addresses they are usually abbreviated. When a state name is followed by a zip code, you should always use the two-letter, no-period abbreviation (see below). The United States Postal service prefers these abbreviations.

What US state abbreviation is MD?

States that use the same letters in both USPS and traditional abbreviations are: Georgia (GA and Ga.), Kentucky (KY and Ky.), Louisiana (LA and La.), Maryland (MD and Md.), Missouri (MO and Mo.), Pennsylvania (PA and Pa.), Vermont (VT and Vt.), and Virginia (VA and Va.)

What state is Mi abbreviation?