Readers ask: What Is The Dwell App?

In addition to plans, Dwell has dozens of different playlists that are filled with a variety of Bible passages curated by topic. There are playlists themed around spiritual disciplines like prayer, worship, and fasting. And one of my favorites is a 38-minute collection of all of the parables taught by Jesus.

Is the dwell app free?

Dwell’s Pricing The app itself is free to download and can be used to explore all that Dwell has to offer. To unlock everything, a Dwell subscription is needed. We offer two different types of subscriptions: Annual Subscription: $39.99.

What Bible version does the Dwell app use?

Christian Standard Bible (in 1 voice) English Standard Version (in 4 voices)

Does dwell cost money?

A one-year Dwell+ membership costs $39.99, or $49.99 if bundled with a print magazine subscription.

Is dwell app good?

Dwell is an easy to use and beautifully designed app filled with unique ways to listen to the Bible. As Becca says in our video review, it’s like Spotify for the Bible, and that’s really a great way to think about it.

Does the Dwell app work with Alexa?

The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and works with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Who created dwell app?

Jonathan Bailey – Co-Founder – Dwell Bible App | LinkedIn.

What is dwell mode?

Using Dwell to memorize Scripture We call this feature “Dwell Mode”. In the player, you can turn on Dwell Mode and repeat whatever you’re listening to. You can also set a certain amount of time in between repetitions in order to reflect on what you just heard.

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How do I cancel my dwell Bible app?

You can cancel your Dwell+ trial by visiting Or, sign in to and tap your profile avatar in the top right corner of the page. Select “Manage Subscriptions” and you will be able to manage your subscription settings, including the option to cancel your trial.

Does dwell app work offline?

Yes! Offline listening is available on both iOS and Android. Here is what can be downloaded: Any Passage.

What is dwell plus?

Dwell+ is a subscription to access Dwell Magazine content plus exclusive home tours, video library, how-to guides, access to the Dwell Magazine archive, and more. To learn more about Dwell+, please visit: or try Dwell+ for free.

What is dwell all access?

Dwell All Access is our combined Print and Dwell+ digital subscription and is available at Subscribers receive a print subscription (6 issues per year) as well as access to Dwell+ digital content and benefits.

How much is a dwell membership?

Dwell+ costs $39.99 per year with one month free, and $49.99 if bundled with a one-year print subscription to the magazine.

How do I gift dwell app?

How do I gift Dwell?

  1. Step 1: Log in to your account and tap “Your Account” from the header.
  2. Step 2: Tap the “Give the Gift of Dwell button on the sidebar.
  3. Step 3: Choose the subscription gift you’d like to give.
  4. Step 4: Checkout!
  5. Step 5: From the sidebar, tap “Manage Gifts”.