Readers ask: Where to buy clipper card san francisco?

  • If you’ll be in San Francisco for a while, or you think you’ll come back soon, consider purchasing a Clipper card. They can be purchased at the Clipper card customer service center inside Embarcadero station, which is a 15 minute walk from the hostel. They can also be purchased from ticket machines for the MUNI and also the Golden Gate Ferry.

Can you buy a Clipper card at SFO?

The ideal place to pick up a Clipper card is on arrival at San Francisco Airport, but oddly they’re not sold at the airport’s BART Station – only at the airport information booth across from Starbucks, just before you enter the BART staton – and that booth is staffed only from 8am, which isn’t much good if your flight

Can you buy Clipper card at BART station?

All BART Stations have Clipper vending machines which accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment. You can add cash value to Clipper cards at all BART ticket machines. Clipper cards can be ordered online at Many retail outlets throughout the region also sell Clipper cards.

Does SF Muni take Clipper?

Use your Clipper card on all Bay Area transit systems, including Muni. Cash: Fares can be paid on surface transportation with any U.S. currency or coin; exact change is required.

Can you load Clipper card at Walgreens?

Walgreens/other retailers

Buy an adult Clipper card or load value on any type of Clipper card.

How much is a BART Clipper card?

There is a one-time $3 fee to purchase a Clipper card from a BART station vending machine. While paper tickets will no longer be available for purchase at stations, riders are still able to use the paper tickets they already have to enter and exit through fare gates.

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How much is a Clipper card?

You’re joining the millions who choose Clipper.

Order your adult card online or buy one in person for just $3. If you order online and set up automatic reloading, your card is free! Youth, seniors and riders with disabilities can receive reduced fares and passes with a discount Clipper card.

Can someone else use my Clipper card?

Clipper cards aren’t tied to a name (although they can be registered*), so you can borrow a card from a friend. That said, you can‘t share a clipper card with a friend to both board Muni together (or BART or Caltrain or probably any other public transit system in the Bay Area).

How much is a Clipper card at Walgreens?

Clipper cards can be purchased at, one of Clipper’s® retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Adult cards cost $3. Youth and Senior cards are free.

Do Clipper cards expire?

Cash on your card won’t expire; time-limited passes and tickets will expire. To load a Monthly Pass or cash, customers with Clipper cards (Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled) can load their products immediately by going to: Participating transit agencies.

How do I pay for SF Muni?

MuniMobile lets you buy tickets instantly through a credit/debit card, PayPal account and now Apple Pay and Google Pay. Buy Muni tickets and passes in advance or on-the-go! Purchase tickets in advance, then activate them when you’re ready to ride. You can even buy tickets for the whole family from one smartphone.

How much is monthly Muni pass SF?

Muni Fare Increase Begins July 1

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Type of Fare Fare Prices as of July 1, 2019
Discount Single Ride (Clipper/MuniMobile) $1.25
Reduced Fare Monthly Pass (Muni only) $40.00
Adult “M” Monthly Pass (Muni Only) $81.00
Adult “A” Monthly Pass (+BART in SF) $98.00

Is Muni and BART the same thing?

Technically, Muni is the public transit system in SF. This means that it serves the City and County of San Francisco. Muni Metro only serves SF. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is a suburban commuter rail system that serves multiple counties throughout the bay area.

Where can I add money to Clipper card?

Load cash value at self-serve machines (including BART ticket machines), retailers, transit agency ticket offices and Clipper Customer Service Centers or online, by phone or through your transit benefit program.

Can I add money to my Clipper card online?

Reload Online

Order any combo of cash value or passes. You can set up automatic reloading at the same time. You might have to wait two or more days before you can first use the value on your card.

How much is a Youth Clipper card?

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One way.

Adult $2.00/$2.00
Youth (6-18) $2.00/$1.60*
Under age 6 Free/Free
Senior (65+) $1.00/$1.00
Disabled $1.00/$1.00