Question: What Is Triclopyr Ester?

Product Overview. Use HI-YIELD Triclopyr Ester previously known as Turflon Ester Ultra herbicide for the control of actively growing annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and kikuyugrass in perennial bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or tall fescue ornamental turf including these turfgrasses in golf courses.

What is triclopyr ester used for?

Triclopyr is a man-made herbicide used to control both broadleaf and woody plants. It was first registered in 1979 for use in forestry and it is used in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings. Certain products may have limited use for campsites, roadside applications, and some ornamental lawns.

What will triclopyr kill?

Triclopyr is an herbicide used to control woody plants and many broadleaf weeds including rights-of-way, industrial areas, forestry, railways, rangeland, home lawns, and permanent grass pastures, rice, turf, and plantation crops such as palm oil.

How bad is triclopyr?

Concentrated triclopyr products are corrosive and can cause skin irritation and irreversible eye damage if splashed in the eye. However, only dilute amounts of triclopyr are needed to kill Eurasian watermilfoil. These dilute concentrations have not been shown to cause skin irritation or other health effects.

Does Roundup contain triclopyr?

Common herbicides that have triclopyr as an active ingredient include Pathfinder, Vastlan, Remedy, Garlon and Tailspin. However, when used in a mixed solution with glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, which is a nonselective herbicide, this combination kills most everything it touches, including turfgrass.

Is triclopyr safer than Roundup?

Is Triclopyr Safer than Glyphosate? Although both of these common herbicides are deemed safe for use by the EPA, Triclopyr poses a greater risk to humans and wildlife, and has a higher chance of entering waterways than Glyphosate. Triclopyr is defined as having “low to moderate” toxicity to humans and wildlife.

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Is triclopyr safe for humans?

Technical triclopyr acid was found to be slightly toxic by oral and dermal routes and has been placed in Toxicity Category III for these effects. The Agency has classified triclopyr as a Group D chemical (not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity).

How do you use triclopyr ester?

Apply foliage sprays during warm weather, early spring through fall, when weeds are actively growing. Apply 1/2 to 1 quart of HI-YIELD Triclopyr Ester per acre in enough water to control broadleaf weeds actively growing in perennial bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or tall fescue.

How long does triclopyr stay in the soil?

The reported half-life of triclopyr in soils varies from 3.7 to 314 days, but averages 30 days, depending on the formulation applied and the specific soil and environmental conditions.

Is triclopyr the same as garlon?

Triclopyr 4 Herbicide – 2.5 Gallons (Replaces Remedy Ultra and Garlon 4 Herbicide) Same active ingredient as Remedy Ultra and Garlon 4. Triclopyr 4 herbicide also kills those tough to control perennial broadleaf weeds.

Is triclopyr safe for trees?

Keep in mind that mature trees can potentially be harmed by triclopyr. In some cases, the herbicide may move through the outer bark and into the tissue the trees needs to transport water or nutrients. This can severely damage or even kill healthy, mature trees.

Is triclopyr organic?

Triclopyr (3,5,6-Trichloro-2-pyridinyloxyacetic acid) is an organic compound in the pyridine group that is used as a systemic foliar herbicide and fungicide.

What is triclopyr made of?

Triclopyr Triethylamine Salt Triclopyr accumulates in the meristematic tissue (growth region) of the plant. Triclopyr is formulated as triclopyr triethylamine (TEA) salt or triclopyr butoxyethyl ester. Triclopyr is formulated as soluble and emulsifiable concentrates, powders, pellets, granules, and liquids.

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Can you mix glyphosate and triclopyr?

A mixture of glyphosate plus triclopyr is a useful standard mix for managing most vegetation targets. It has broad activity, and low risk to non-targets, and is economical both in terms of per-acre cost and container size, for the commercial applicator or the individual landowner.

Can you plant after using triclopyr?

The active ingredients are glyphosate and triclopyr. One day after use, ornamentals can be planted and lawns reseeded seven days after treatment. Trees that do not bear cones can be planted after 14 days, and cone-bearing trees and shrubs should be planted 30 days after last treatment.

What is the difference between triclopyr 3 and 4?

Both Garlon 3A and Garlon 4 Ultra are formulations of the active ingredient, triclopyr. Garlon 4 Ultra is a 4 pound acid equivalent per gallon (lb ae/gal) low volatile ester in a plant based oil carrier, whereas Garlon 3A is a 3 lb ae/gal water soluble amine in water.