Quick Answer: When is the best time to see whales in boston?

In the Boston area, May, June, July, August, September and October are generally the best months for whale watching with great sightings. Each summer the whales migrate to Massachusetts and back to warmer water when the weather gets cold.

When is the best time to see whales in Boston?

  • Book your trip to Boston. Mid-April to mid-October is the best time to go whale watching in Boston, as this is when the humpback whales return to feed in the waters of the North Atlantic. Humpbacks are particularly playful whales, breaching and tail slapping and putting on a fantastic show for whale watchers.

The Boston whale watching season runs from late March to mid-November. The best time for whale watching is between May and October. During these months, sightings are practically guaranteed. Each summer, the whales migrate to Massachusetts and back to warmer water when the weather gets colder again in October/November.

Can you see whales in Boston?

Just east of Boston—between Cape Ann and Cape Cod—is Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, one of the best spots on the planet for whale watching. Each summer, around 50 humpbacks return to this hotbed of biological activity.

What is the best time of day for whale watching?

While it might seem trite, anytime is the best time to watch whales! If you are looking for the best scenic light for photography choose an sunrise, early morning or sunset whalewatch. The best overhead light is from 11 am – 3 pm, for beautiful blue waters.

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How long is the Boston whale watching tour?

How long is the trip? The location of the whales may require more travel time, extending the trip beyond three hours. Please allow for additional time in your schedule. The average trip is between 3.5 to 4 hours.

When can you see whales in Massachusetts?

The best time for whale watching in Massachusetts is from April to October, though whales dwell in Bay State waters as early as mid-March and as late as early November. Whales migrate to Massachusetts to feed on mackerel, herring, krill and other schooling fish that breed in these nutrient-rich waters.

Is it better to whale watch in the morning or afternoon?

People always want to know if whale watching is better in the morning or the afternoon. To be completely honest there is really no ‘better time. ‘ As a general rule, the ocean is calmer in the mornings.

Is whale watching better in the rain?

Whale Watching with clouds and rain

Don’t let a cloudy or rainy day keep you from going out whale watching. Sometimes a cloudy day is the best whale watching weather. The whales don’t care if it is raining.

Where is the best place to see whales?

Top Whale-Watching Destinations

  • Santa Barbara, California.
  • Monterey Bay, California.
  • Kodiak Island, Alaska.
  • San Juan Islands, Washington.
  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • Virginia Beach.
  • Long Island, New York.
  • Cape May, New Jersey.

What do whales do at night?

What little data scientists have been able to collect indicate that whales‘ nocturnal behavior varies between species as well as between populations within species. Some whales hunt or sing at night, while some simply sleep the night away.

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When can you see whales in Cape Cod?

When is the whale watching season on Cape Cod? The season runs from mid April through October with the best whale watching seen in June, July, August and September. During the summer months, the Humpbacks are here, along with Finbacks, Minkes, and their colorful “cousins” the Atlantic White-sided dolphin.

Are whale watching tours safe?

“It’s a very safe industry and very seldom do you ever hear of a major incident on any type of whalewatch vessel.” Tour operators generally halt their propellers to remain at a distance from the whales, although the massive mammals then often swim up to the boats.

What is Boston is famous for?

Boston is best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, and of course for the bar from Cheers, but dig a little deeper below the surface and you’ll find a surprising wealth of things that make Boston one of the best cities in America—and the world.

Do you need binoculars for whale watching?

As you will be viewing from onboard a moving platform (boat or ship), it is recommended not to use binoculars with any more than 8x magnification. While whale watching, the whales are not that far away from the boat, so you will not need any more than 7x or 8x magnification.

Can you see whales from shore in Cape Cod?

Watch whales from the shore as they migrate north in spring

Most watch whales from boats, but in the spring, you can visit the Cape and watch whales from shore. The tip of Cape Cod is located only three miles from the southern end of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a prime feeding ground for whales.

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Are there orcas in Massachusetts?

“Absolutely amazing!”

Passengers on a fishing charter boat off the coast of Massachusetts were treated to a rare sight on Sunday — an orca. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy wrote that orcas, which are actually members of the dolphin family, have been spotted in the area before, but “it’s very rare.”

How much does a whale watch cost?


Age Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Adults (Ages 13 – 59) $34.00 $38.00
Juniors (Ages 3 – 12) $28.00 $32.00
Seniors (60+) $28.00 $32.00
Toddlers (Ages 0 – 2) Free Free