Readers ask: How far is dale hollow lake from nashville?

Yes, the driving distance between Nashville to Dale Hollow Lake State Park is 121 miles. It takes approximately 2h 41m to drive from Nashville to Dale Hollow Lake State Park. Where can I stay near Dale Hollow Lake State Park?

Is there a city under Dale Hollow Lake?

Willow Grove: the town that drowned. Not unlike the fabled city of Atlantis, the old town of Willow Grove, Tennessee, is now under a lavish blanket of water. The murky depths of Dale Hollow Lake still house the shadowy foundations of what was once a beautiful and thriving valley town.

Can you swim in Dale Hollow Lake?

Swimming on Dale Hollow Lake is a popular activity. While visitors can swim almost anywhere on the lake, the use of a designated swim area is highly encouraged.

Is Dale Hollow Lake closed?

Dale Hollow Lake is open year around, but our office at the Welcome Center is closed on all Federal Holidays. Open Year-round (Some services are temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 Situation. Call your destination prior to coming.) Everything will be re-open just as soon as it is safe to do so!

What city is close to Dale Hollow Lake?

The closest is Dale Hollow Regional Airport near Albany, KY. This facility can handle most single-engine and some twin-engine traffic with the longest runway reported at 3,380 feet in length.

What is Dale Hollow Lake used for today?

The main recreational use is fishing. Dale Hollow is well known as a prime location for smallmouth bass fishing, currently holding the world record for the largest such fish ever taken (11 lb., 15 oz). It is the lake that is linked with the name Billy Westmoreland, famed smallmouth angler of Celina, Tennessee.

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What’s the cleanest lake in Tennessee?

Norris Lake

It holds credit for being Tennessee’s clearest and cleanest lake and an ideal place for a fun-filled family vacation.

What is the deepest lake in Tennessee?

Norris Lake (Tennessee)

Norris Lake
Surface area 53.875 sq mi (137 km2)
Average depth 75 ft (23 m)
Max. depth 210 ft (64 m)
Shore length1 809 mi (1,302 km)

What is the water temperature at Dale Hollow Lake?

Dale Hollow Lake – Weather & Temperatures

Jan Jun
High 46 86
Low 24 60
Water 43 83

Where is Dale Hollow Lake in TN?

Dale Hollow Dam is located approximately three miles East of Celina, Tenn., on the Obey River, 7.3 miles above its juncture with the Cumberland River at river mile 380.9. Dale Hollow Lake covers portions of Clay, Pickett, Overton and Fentress Counties in Tennessee and Clinton and Cumberland Counties in Kentucky.

Is Dale Hollow Lake clean?

Considered one of the cleanest lakes in the United States, Dale Hollow Lake attracts millions of visitors per year and offers a great variety of water activities, including fishing tournaments, houseboating, boating, floating, skiing, kayaking and much more.

Is Dale Hollow Lake in a dry county?

Review of Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park. Last year Burkesville voted on wet/ dry and luckily wet won, so you can purchase alcohol at the lodge, country store as well as golf shop.

How many miles is Dale Hollow Lake?

Dale Hollow Lake, formed by backing up Tennessee’s Obey River in 1943, has 620 miles of shoreline.

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How did Dale Hollow Lake get its name?

Dale Hollow Back Story

According to the State of Tennessee, the lake takes its name from land owned first by Governor John Sevier, who located two of the first grants in this area of Overton and Clay Counties, a little over 57,000 acres. On this land many members of his family settled.