FAQ: Can You Add Video To Ripl?

Ripl allows for adding your own videos into your posts. iOS & Android: In order to add a video, tap the “+” button to open the “Create A Post” step and then tap “Add Photos or Video.” Once you select a video you’ll have the option to trim the video or select a portion of the video to use.

How long can a Ripl video be?

As a subscriber, you have the ability to create video ads that are up to 60 seconds long with Ripl. You can use a longer video to tell your business’s story.

What can Ripl do?

Ripl mobile app is a new social media app that makes it easy to animate your static images. Combining images, text, hashtags, links and animations into a shareable video to your social media profiles has never been so easy.

How much does Ripl cost?

Ripl is a freemium iPhone app (free if you don’t mind their watermark at the bottom right of your images or animations). The paid version is $9.99 per month. The app allows you to create Canva-like images, but with animated features.

Which is better canva or Ripl?

Ripl and Canva are excellent graphic tools for artists, designers, and businesses. Albeit, from our feature-by-feature comparison of both software, Canva is the overall winner. Canva offers a graphic design platform for creating beautiful and optimized images.

Can I use Ripl on desktop?

Ripl’s easy-to-use mobile and desktop versions help you create, share, and measure social media content that are designed for your particular business. With Ripl Pro, our premium membership, you can: Access 200+ design templates. Select from our library of 150+ fonts. Brand your post with your own logo.

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Can you edit thumbnail on Instagram photo?

Find your new video. In the upper-right-hand corner there’ll be a pencil icon. Select that, then choose “ Edit This Video.” You’ll see options for changing your video’s title, adding description, tags, and 10 different thumbnail options.

How can we save Ripl?

You can save the post to your computer on the final “Caption Your Post” screen. On the left side of the screen is the option to “Save to Computer.” Don’t forget to press the final “Share” button in the upper right corner to complete your post.

Is Ripl still free?

Now, we mentioned that Ripl is a freemium app; Ripl is free to use but offers a wide variety of additional features with the Ripl Pro subscription ($14.99/month, $119.99/year). Ripl Pro offers access to over 200 design templates and over 150 fonts (or you can use your own fonts).

Does Ripl post to Instagram?

When you select to share to Instagram Personal, Email, or Facebook Personal, you will see a button in the Ripl app to “Launch” the Facebook/Instagram app or your phone’s default email app to complete the post.

What app is like Ripl?

Adobe Spark, much like Ripl, is a free service that allows users to create eye-popping videos, text animations, and more directly from their smartphones.