FAQ: What Are The Three Categories Of Periodicities?

There are three categories of periodicities. These are Calendar, Non-calendar and Inactive Equipment Maintenance (IEM).

What are 3 types of spot checks?

There are three types of spot checks; historical, maintenance validation, and monitored maintenance.

What is status II IEM?

What is Status II IEM? Equipment scheduled for overhaul for 7 days or greater.

What is a split MIP?

Scheduling Aid, Approved FBR, Split MIP work center. ____ MIP is any MIP for singular equipment that is assigned to more than one work center. Split. ____ MIP is carried by more than one work center performing PMS on like equipment/spaces, ie MIPs 6300/001, 3000/001, 5000/005.

What is the objectives of the 3 m system?

The Ships’ 3-M System is designed to provide for managing maintenance and maintenance support to achieve maximum equipment operational readiness. The ship’s 3-M System is the nucleus for managing maintenance aboard all ships and applicable shore station equipment.

What does 43P1 stand for?

43P1- Planned Maintenance System Record.

Where is Awn used?

What is AWN used for? Used for creating jobs and ordering parts passed to RSUPPLY. What does ATAV stand for and what’s it’s purpose? -Provides information on material carried on ships.

What is the 3 M manual?

3M™ Manual Applicator 310M is a high-quality, manual-driven applicator designed to dispense adhesive sealants in cartridges. This applicator features an 18:1 mechanical advantage and we engineered this portable adhesive applicator with an all-metal construction for durability.

What instruction is the 3 M manual?

To issue a revised Ships’ Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Manual which incorporates new and updated maintenance management policy. This instruction is a complete revision and should be reviewed in its entirety.

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What is Navy awn?

The ideal candidate will have experience with accessing and coordinating preventative maintenance on the Navy Planned Maintenance System (SKED) as well as corrective maintenance using Automated Work Notification AWN, a Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) or Optimized for Organizational Maintenance Management System-Next

What is sked Navy?

SKED, the Navy’s PMS scheduling software, was born in the late ’90s when ships began to be outfitted with personal computers. The earliest versions were a bit clunky to use but did alleviate some of the paper work. As SKED was refined, version 3.1 became mandatory to use across the fleet in 2004.