FAQ: When Should You Change Your Address With The Post Office?

When should I file my address change with USPS? Whether you’re moving permanently or temporarily, we recommend changing your address at least two weeks before Moving Day. This will give USPS enough time to send you the Move Validation Letter before the trucks arrive.

How soon should I change my address when moving?

You can make the Change of Address process faster and easier by notifying everyone who sends you mail of your new address and the date of your move, two weeks before you move. Most bills and statements have an area for making an address change notification.

Do I need to change my address with USPS when I move?

Moving or Relocating If you’re moving, submit a permanent change-of-address request so your USPS® mail is properly rerouted to your new address.

Do I change my address before or after I move?

You can easily make the address update online and set it for a specific start date. Do this at least a week before moving day —any later and there may be a gap between when you move and when your mail forwarding can begin.

How long before USPS change of address takes effect?

Once your Change of Address Form has been submitted, it typically takes the postal service about 7-10 postal business days to process your USPS mail forwarding request. If you want to begin receiving your mail on move-in day, be sure to submit your request at least 7-10 days in advance.

Is Post Office change of address?

Go to USPS.com/move to change your address online. This is the fastest and easiest way, and you immediately get an email confirming the change. There is a $1.05 charge to change your address online.

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Does forwarded mail go to the old address first?

Once you select a date to begin forwarding your mail, all mail that is sent to your previous address will be re-directed to your new address. Those forwarding their mail will receive a packet in the mail containing coupons that are helpful when moving.

Why was I charged $40 to change my address?

Websites with domain names that appear to be associated with the Postal Service, but are not, charge customers up to $40 to change an address and, in some cases, the change never gets made. Customers are reminded to verify they are on the Postal Service’s official website – www.usps.com.

How do I validate my address with USPS?

Use www.usps.com to check the ZIP Codes in your list. Process your address list through CASS-certified software. Address List Correction Service. You can submit a printout of your list to the Postal Service and we will mark any changes.

What mail Cannot be forwarded?

Standard Mail A (circulars, books, catalogs, and advertising mail) is not forwarded unless requested by the mailer. Standard Mail B (packages weighing 16 ounces or more) are forwarded locally for 12 months at no charge. You pay forwarding charges if you move outside the local area.

What is the best way to notify of address change?

Contact the United States Postal Service (USPS). Since the postal service will be forwarding your mail, this is the best place to start. It can take some time for the change to be official, so it’s important to avoid waiting until the last minute. Check in With Utility Companies.

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Where do I need to change my address when I move?

Changing address checklist: Who to notify when moving house

  1. Insurance providers.
  2. Post office.
  3. Government departments.
  4. Transport department.
  5. Healthcare providers.
  6. Utilities.
  7. Banks and financial services.
  8. Employer/s and education providers.

Will the US Postal Service forward my stimulus check?

The real question is, will USPS forward government checks? Not always. The IRS warns not all post offices will forward government checks — even if you filed a change-of-address.

How long does USPS forward mail for free?

According to USPS, the service can forward mail for 15 days to six months (185 days) initially. If customers plan to stay at their temporary address for longer than six months and wish to continue forwarding mail, they will need to extend the temporary forwarding period.

How long does USPS forward mail for permanent address change?

Permanent Change of Address: A permanent Change of Address (COA) order provides for “piece-by-piece” forwarding of primarily First-Class Mail® service for 12 months and Periodicals for 60 days, but generally does not provide the forwarding of USPS Marketing Mail® service or Package Services Mail.