How far is mexico from florida

How far is Cozumel, Mexico from Miami, Florida? The driving distance is 2,943 miles and the flight distance is 562 miles. DISTANCE CALCULATOR Miami to Cozumel distance

How far is Mexico from Florida by plane?

Flying time from Florida to Mexico The total flight duration from Florida to Mexico is 3 hours, 7 minutes.

Is Mexico near Miami?

Distance between Miami and Mexico City is 2065 kilometers (1283 miles). Driving distance from Miami to Mexico City is 3517 kilometers (2186 miles).

How far is Cancun from Florida?

Cancún Distances to Cities

Cancún Distance
Distance from Cancun to Miami 849 km
Distance from Cancun to New Orleans 1,025 km
Distance from Cancun to Key West 640 km
Distance from Cancun to Fort Lauderdale 876 km

How far is Cancun from Florida by plane?

The total flight duration from Orlando, FL to Cancun , Mexico is 1 hour, 43 minutes.

Is Cuba closer to Florida or Mexico?

Q: Two peninsulas, Florida and the Yucatán, embrace the Gulf of Mexico , with Cuba at its entrance. What’s closer to Cuba : Key West, Fla., or Cancún, Mexico ? A: According to Google Earth, Key West is 94 miles from Cuba , while Cancún is 128 miles from Cuba .

Can you drive from Florida to Mexico?

Yes, the driving distance between Florida to Mexico is 3081 km. It takes approximately 31h 58m to drive from Florida to Mexico . United Airlines, Delta and American Airlines offer flights from Tallahassee Airport to El Paso Airport.

How long is a boat ride from Florida to Mexico?

about 36 hours

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How far is it to get to Mexico?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from United States to Mexico (“as the crow flies”), which is about 1,075 miles or 1 730 kilometers. Your flight direction from United States to Mexico is South (-163 degrees from North).

How far is Cuba from Florida?

103 miles

What US city is closest to Cancun?

For all cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand, Cancun is closest to Mérida and farthest from Bandar Lampung. The closest foreign city is Havana and the farthest domestic city is Tijuana .

How far is Cancun Mexico from Miami?

Distance from Miami to Cancun The shortest distance (air line) between Miami and Cancun is 528.55 mi ( 850.61 km ). The shortest route between Miami and Cancun is 2,962.33 mi (4,767.41 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 58h 33min.

How far is Fort Lauderdale to Mexico?

Distance between Fort Lauderdale and Mexico City is 2081 kilometers (1293 miles). Driving distance from Fort Lauderdale to Mexico City is 3477 kilometers (2161 miles).

How long is a flight from Orlando to Mexico?

How long does a flight from Orlando Airport to Mexico City take? An average nonstop flight takes 3h 30m, covering a distance of 1280 miles.

What airlines fly from Miami to Cancun?

American Airlines , United Airlines , and Aeromexico can get you from Miami to Cancun in just under 1h 45m. Your travel time can differ by up to 6h 15m. Miami and Cancun are separated by a distance of 533 mi. Both multi-stop and nonstop flights can be found to your destination and back.

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What airlines fly to Cancun from Florida?

Interjet, Major Airline and American Airlines are the most popular airlines when flying from Florida to Cancun . Mexico