How far is mexico from phoenix

The distance by car is 391 km. Follow the Phoenix to Mexicali driving route along I-8 W. Get driving directions from Phoenix to Mexicali. flight distance = 205 miles The straight line distance between Phoenix and Mexicali is 330 kilometers.

How far is Phoenix AZ from the Mexican border?

Distance between Phoenix Az and Mexico Border. It takes 11 hours, 42 minutes to travel from Phoenix Az to Mexico Border. Approximate driving distance between Phoenix Az and Mexico Border is 585 kms or 363.5 miles or 315.9 nautical miles .

How long does it take to get to Mexico from Phoenix?

Yes, the driving distance between Phoenix to Mexico City is 2466 km. It takes approximately 25h 51m to drive from Phoenix to Mexico City.

How far is Tijuana from Phoenix?

472 kilometers

How many hours is it from Arizona to Mexico?

The total driving time is 19 hours , 55 minutes. Your trip begins in Phoenix, Arizona . It ends in Mexico .

Can I drive to Mexico from Arizona?

Travelers must have a valid passport to go to Mexico . Other acceptable documents include a passport card (cannot be used for air travel) or a green card. For the latest Mexico entry requirements: Visit the Embassy of Mexico website or call the Embassy at (202) 736-1000 or any Mexican consulate in the U.S.

What part of Mexico is close to Arizona?

Arizona is a landlocked state situated in the southwestern United States, bordering Mexico in the south. The Grand Canyon State (its nickname) borders Utah to the north, New Mexico to the east, the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California to the south, California in the west, and Nevada in northwest.

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How far is Arizona from New Mexico?

The total driving distance from New Mexico to Arizona is 417 miles or 671 kilometers.

How far is Mexico from Arizona driving?

The total driving distance from Mexico to Arizona is 1,152 miles or 1 854 kilometers.

How far is Phoenix from Nogales?

261 kilometers

How far is Phoenix from Las Vegas?

297 miles

How far is Mexico City by plane?

Flight time from New York to Mexico City is 5 hours 35 minutes. Non-stop flights take anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours . Quickest one-stop flight takes close to 7 hours. However, some airlines could take as long as 32 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration. Mexico