How far is monterrey mexico from the us border

Monterrey is about 200km south of the U.S./Mexico border. The most common border crossings, both in South Texas, used to get to Monterrey are Laredo/Nuevo Laredo and McAllen-Hidalgo/Reynosa. The travel time from either Reynosa or Nuevo Laredo is about two hours.
Monterrey is the capital of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental. Monterrey lies some 222 km (138 miles) west of the US border at Reynosa/McAllen (Texas), 225 km (140 miles) south of the US border at Laredo, Texas, and about 910 km north of Mexico City.

Is it dangerous to travel to Monterrey Mexico?

There is significant risk from crime in Monterrey . Overall, crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere. U.S. citizens have fallen victim to criminal activity in Monterrey’s Consular District, to include homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking, and highway robbery.

What US city is closest to Monterrey Mexico?

Monterrey is adjacent to San Nicolás de los Garza, García and General Escobedo to the north; Guadalupe, Juárez and Cadereyta Jiménez to the east; Santiago to the south; and San Pedro Garza García and Santa Catarina to the west.

How far is Monterrey from the border?

about 200km

Is Monterrey Mexico worth visiting?

Monterrey is the kind of city you can visit year round. For those who enjoy warmer temperatures, it’s worth visiting between May and September, when the temperature varies between 70 and 96 degrees.

What is the safest city in Mexico?


What places to avoid in Mexico?

The 12 Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico to Avoid at All Costs Mazatlan . The State Department has warned citizens about traveling to this region. Reynosa. Many people travel through Reynosa, Mexico, to get to the U.S. | John Moore/ Getty Images. Tepic . The U.S. government doesn’t want its citizens to visit Tepic . Ciudad Obregón. Chihuahua. Ciudad Juarez. Culiacán. Ciudad Victoria.

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What is the richest city in Mexico?


Does Monterrey Mexico have a beach?

Monterrey , Mexico , is most famous for its mountains and hiking, so if you’re looking for a beach , you may have to use it as your home base.

What food is Monterrey Mexico known for?

5 Foods You Have to Try in Monterrey Machaca . Believed to be a dish created out of necessity, machaca has now become a firm favorite in Monterrey. Frijoles con Veneno. Beans are popular across Mexico, and the type of bean used varies region by region. Cabrito .

How far is Monterrey Mexico from Houston Texas?

Distance between Houston and Monterrey is 667 kilometers (414 miles). Driving distance from Houston to Monterrey is 793 kilometers (493 miles).

How far is Monterrey from Laredo TX?

The total driving distance from Laredo , TX to Monterrey , Mexico is 141 miles or 227 kilometers.

What is the most beautiful city in Mexico?


Is Uber safe in Monterrey Mexico?

I think you are pretty safe in Monterrey . This is a very cosmopolitan city and there are plenty of tourist around. Taxi and Uber are good. Of course take all the precautions you would take in any other big city like New york, and avoid night clubs and casinos.

Do you need a passport to go to Monterrey Mexico?

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone. Mexico