How far is teotihuacan from mexico city

How do you get from Mexico City to Teotihuacan?

There is a bus that runs directly from the Mexico City North Bus Station to Teotihuacan . The trip costs 106 pesos for a return ticket per person (as of 2019), and the bus runs every 15 minutes. About an hour north of Mexico City , the Teotihuacan pyramids are easily accessible by public bus.

Can you uber from Mexico City to Teotihuacan?

Uber to Teotihuacan from Mexico City Uber is pretty freely available and widely used in Mexico City so you ‘ll have no trouble catching one . The journey takes around an hour and will cost in the region of $400 – 500 MXN (£15 – 19 GBP or $19.50 – 24 USD) each way.

How many miles is Teotihuacan from Mexico City?

30 miles

Is Teotihuacan worth visiting?

It is a long, hot trek down the entire archeological site, but the views from the top of the pyramids are incredible! Teotihuacan is absolutely worth the visit . Rather than driving there yourself (and fighting Mexico City traffic), tour companies can pick you up at your hotel for a day trip.

Is it safe to visit Teotihuacan?

Teotihuacan day trip safety Yes, Mexico City is a safe place to visit . I read many posts on travel sites about the robberies on the buses leading to the pyramids and such – many at gun point.

How long does it take to get to Teotihuacan from Mexico City?

By public transportation – ( the best option) This is what we did , and it’s easy. The bus to Teotihuacán is comfortable, it takes about an hour depending on traffic, and a round-trip ticket costs 100 pesos/$6 per person.

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How many days do you need for Mexico City?

three days

Can you take Uber to Teotihuacan?

For Uber , enter in the address ‘Zona Arqueológica de Teotihuacan Estacionamiento Puerta 1, State of Mexico’. Be sure also to specifically tell the Uber to take the toll road before you leave if coming from Mexico City .

How much time do you need for Teotihuacan?

over a year ago. You will need at list 3 to 4 hours to enjoy the climb and view of both pyramids The sun pyramid takes a good 20 minutes to climb as it is steep.

What is the difference between Tenochtitlan and Teotihuacan?

Teotihuacan (100-600 CE) began as a radical experiment to create a city unlike any other in Mesoamerica. Tenochtitlan (1325-1521 CE), on the other hand, started out as a typical Aztec city-state capital.

Who really built Teotihuacan?

It was built by hand more than a thousand years before the swooping arrival of the Nahuatl-speaking Aztec in central Mexico. But it was the Aztec, descending on the abandoned site, no doubt falling awestruck by what they saw, who gave its current name: Teotihuacan .

What was at the heart of Teotihuacan?

What was at the heart of Teotihuacan ? At the heart was the giant pyramid of the sun. It became the center of trade.

Is Teotihuacan open on Sunday?

Admission and Hours : Teotihuacan archaeological zone is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. General admission is 70 pesos per person, free for children under 13. Free for Mexican citizens and residents on Sundays .

Is Teotihuacan open?

Opening Days & Times: Open 365 days a year, 9 am to 5 pm. ( Teotihuacan is one of the country’s very popular sites which do not close on Mondays.)

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How far is the Pyramid of the Sun from Mexico City?

42 km Mexico