How to get from mexico city airport to downtown

You can take a vehicle from Mexico City Airport (MEX) to Downtown, Mexico City via Pantitlán, Pantitlán_1_2, and Pino Suárez_1_2 in around 36 min. Alternatively, Metrobús operates a vehicle from Terminal 1 to Bellas Artes every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $6 – $30 and the journey takes 48 min.

Can you take uber from Mexico City airport?

Exit on the arrivals level Head outside from baggage claim and meet your driver curbside. This is where all Uber driver-partners at MEX meet travelers for pickup.

How much is a taxi from Mexico City airport?

Fares at Mexico Airport are regulated by the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes and posted in a visible place next to the taxi rank. The usual fare to Mexico City (Centro Historico) is about MX$250- MX$300. Please, remember to purchase your ticket at the booths near the arrival gates in the walkway area.

How do I get from Mexico City airport to Condesa?

There are 7 ways to get from Mexico City Airport ( MEX ) to Condesa by subway, night bus , taxi, car, towncar or shuttle Take the line 5 subway from Terminal Aérea to Pantitlán 5. Take the line 9 subway from Pantitlán_1_3 to Chilpancingo_1_2 9.

Is there Uber in Mexico City?

Uber in Mexico City is cheap, convenient, and safe. **If you’re new to Uber , you can get a discount off of your first two rides if you use the code: laurab18897ue when you signup!

How much is a taxi from Mexico City airport to Condesa?

1. Re: RE; Cab fare from Airport to Condesa ? About 225 pesos.

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Is Uber in Mexico in pesos or dollars?

Yes, they are in Mexican pesos for trips from within Mexico On a side note, just so you are aware, Uber cannot go across the borders to leave Mexico .

Is it safe to get a taxi from Mexico City airport?

All airport cabs are authorized and safe . After you land and work your way through you will see various cabs stands inside the terminal.

Can I use my Uber app in Mexico?

“I have the app , so it’s easier to take an Uber than a street taxi. Uber operates in several cities in Mexico , including Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Merida, Mexicali, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, San Miguel de Allende and Tijuana.

Do you tip Uber drivers in Mexico?

Tipping Taxis/Ubers in Mexico You now have the option to leave a tip on Uber in Mexico . Once your ride is complete, go back onto the app and you can leave 10, 15 or 20 Pesos for the driver . It’s not required, but it’s always a nice way to encourage really great Uber drivers .

How do I get a taxi from Mexico City airport?

The airport has all the usual facilities, including left luggage lockers. If you are heading in to Mexico City itself, the recommended, and safest, way is to take an authorised taxi . At both terminals, you will see signs pointing to the desks where you pre-pay your fare by zone.

Are taxis in Mexico safe?

In other provincial cities and small towns in Mexico , taxi travel is generally regarded as safe and you can feel secure hailing cabs off the street at any time.

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How far is Mexico City airport from downtown?

8 miles

Where should you avoid in Mexico City?

The Neighborhoods to Avoid in Order to Stay Safe in Mexico City Tepito. Tepito, essentially the black market of Mexico City , is one of those places that has a dicey reputation for a reason. La Merced Market. Doctores. Iztapalapa. Colonia Del Valle. Tlalpan, Xochimilco and Tlatelolco. Centro Histórico. Ciudad Neza.

Is it safe to walk in Mexico City at night?

While it’s safe to stroll around neighborhoods like Juarez, Roma, Coyoacan, Condesa, and Polanco at night , walking around Doctores and parts of the Centro south and west of Bellas Artes is a little riskier.

Is Mexico City dangerous for tourists?

Generally, Mexico City is a safe place to travel. Mexico