Often asked: Does Corner Bakery Have Smoothies?

For breakfast, lunch or as a refreshing snack, guests can drink to their health with two new smoothies. Corner Bakery Cafe is also recognized for its unsurpassed catering experience delivering signature, made-to-order breakfasts, lunches and dinners for any occasion.

What drinks does Corner Bakery have?


  • Hand-roasted Coffee (0 cal)
  • Iced Tea.
  • LEMONADE (110-160 CAL)
  • Fountain Soda (0 – 340 cal)

Are Panera and Corner Bakery the same company?

Is Corner Bakery Owned By Panera? Yes, Panera was never the owner of Corner Bakery Cafe. Panera Bread Company is a head-to-head competitor of Corner Bakery Cafe which was founded way back in 1987 by Ken Rosenthal, Ronald M. Shaich, and Louise Kane.

What kind of yogurt does Corner Bakery use?

Corner Bakery Partners with Dannon® Yogurt to Offer Refreshingly Delicious Menu Items.

How much does Corner Bakery pay California?

Average Corner Bakery Cafe Cashier hourly pay in California is approximately $11.04, which meets the national average.

Is Corner Bakery owned by Maggianos?

Corner Bakery originally launched in November 1991 as a production bakery for Maggiano’s Little Italy. In 2006, Brinker sold the company ( but still owns Maggiano’s ), and Corner Bakery Cafe began franchising a year later.

Who is corner bakery owned by?

Affiliates of Roark Capital Group have sold the Dallas-based Corner Bakery Cafe brand to Pandya Restaurant Growth Brands LLC, the companies said Thursday. The fast-casual cafe brand had been held been a Roark subsidiary since 2011.

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Which is better Panera or Corner Bakery?

Corner Bakery offers a far superior breakfast menu vs. Panera, and the quality of the food is better. Panera looks and tastes like a central kitchen prepared it, and left the local crew to assemble it. Corner Bakery looks and tastes like it was prepared on site.

Does Corner Bakery have oatmeal?

My favorite overnight oats are those served at Corner Bakery. It’s delicious! With almonds, dried fruit, and chunks of banana and apple, the yogurt-soaked oats are full of flavor and the perfect way to start the day!

Does Corner Bakery have free WiFi?

LEGAL. You are about to access the free public non-commercial wireless Internet (“WiFi”) service that is offered in certain Corner Bakery Cafe® locations (the “Service”). The purpose of the Service is to provide current guests of this Corner Bakery Cafe® location free WiFi access.

Does Corner Bakery have bread bowls?

No. They’ve been discontinued.

Is Corner Bakery pasta vegan?

There are a couple pasta options you can typically get vegan at Corner Bakery Cafe: Cavatappi with Marinara (No Parmesan Cheese, No Garlic Bread) Linguini with Marinara (No Parmesan Cheese, No Garlic Bread)

How much is a Corner Bakery franchise?

Corner Bakery Cafe has a franchise fee of up to $25,000, with a total initial investment range of $952,000 to $1,935,000.