Often asked: What Should I Bring To My First Craft Fair?

Craft Fair Packing List

  1. portable canopy and side walls.
  2. tent weights for your canopy.
  3. portable tables.
  4. table covers.
  5. risers.
  6. shelves, gridwall panels, slatwalls, or other large display furniture (make note of the specific large display furniture you use in your display)
  7. floor covering.
  8. mirrors.

What should I bring to my first craft show?

The following checklist includes items a craft show vendor may want to pack to have everything they may need while in their craft show booth. TOOLS YOU MAY NEED AT A CRAFT FAIR:

  1. Tape / glue.
  2. Pen / pencil / marker.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Paper clips.
  5. Bag for garbage.
  6. Safety pins.
  7. Extra tags & signs.
  8. Rubber bands.

What do I need to take to a craft fair?

Craft Fair Essentials

  1. A table cloth. At most craft fairs you will be given a 6ft x 2ft table but not always a cloth to cover it with.
  2. Change and money tin. You’ve made your first sale, hurrah.
  3. Wrapping materials.
  4. Leaflets and Information.
  5. Spare chair.
  6. Wheels. (
  7. Price tickets.
  8. Card Payment Machine.

How much should I bring to a craft show?

Ideally, you should sell 8 to 10 times the show entrance fee. For example: If the vendor fee is $50 you should plan to sell $400 to $500 in merchandise and bring at least double the products, or $800 to $1000 in inventory. Be sure to spread your inventory across several price points.

What should I wear to a craft fair?

Let what you wear be influenced by the craft fair. ADDITIONAL TIPS

  • Dress in layers, especially if the event is outdoors.
  • When in doubt; overdress.
  • Scent is a powerful marketing tool but be sure to keep your perfumes/colognes subtle.
  • Bring a pocket mirror to check your appearance throughout the day.
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What should you not do at a craft fair?

10 Mistakes to Avoid At a Craft Fair

  • You’re unprepared…and it shows.
  • You’re unfriendly.
  • There’s nothing about the booth that stands out.
  • Too little or too many products.
  • You don’t have business cards.
  • Prices are nowhere to be seen.
  • Your information is outdated.
  • You don’t have any change.

How much change should I bring to a craft fair?

The $20 bill is the most common bill of exchange, so have lots of $10, $5 and $1 bills to make change. There is nothing more annoying to your neighboring vendors than asking them over and over again if they can break a $20. Be prepared. You may ask, “How can anyone scam you with cash?”

How do you show items at a craft fair?

Use bins, racks, shelves and other things to create different levels in your display. Not only does this give you more room to show off your work without cluttering a flat table, but it also helps move the customer’s eye around the booth so they see everything you have to offer.

How do you display a craft stall?

How to Design your Craft Stall – Hints, Tips and Tricks

  1. Tell potential customer who you are and what you do (Branding and Theme)
  2. Show what you’ve got for sale (Layout)
  3. Draw in potential customers, encourage them to stop and look (Design)

What do you need for a vendor event?

Plan and prepare, to get the right look for your booth: tablecloths, signage, business cards. Keep a case with supplies in case of bad weather: plastic bags, umbrellas, plastic containers, etc. For night events, have a container with flashlights, batteries, and other electrical equipment.

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Which crafts make the most money?

Craft Businesses that Make (the MOST) Money

  • Jewelry.
  • Art.
  • Photography.
  • Sewing.
  • Bath & Body products.
  • Candles.
  • Wedding-related products.
  • Women’s Wear.

How do you host a craft fair?

How to Start Your Own Local Craft Show

  1. Choose a Focus and Theme. The first step is to determine the angle and focus of your new craft show.
  2. Find a Venue. The venue can make or break your craft show.
  3. Pick a Date and Time.
  4. Call for Vendors.
  5. Communicate with the Artists.
  6. Promote and Advertise.
  7. Run the Show.
  8. Send Out a Survey.

What do you wear to an art sale?

Something along the lines of a black or white jumpsuit or pantsuit. A black blazer paired with flared pants. A midi dress or a fun skirt paired with a plain top. There are many different options of clothing items, however, do remember not to go overly sexy nor go overly sophisticated in the attire.