Question: What Is Another Word For Breadwinner?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for breadwinner, like: workingwoman, wage-earner, toiler, provider, worker, producer, supporter, jobholder, laborer and workingman.

How would you describe breadwinner?

What Is a Breadwinner? A breadwinner is a colloquial term for the primary or sole income earner in a household. Breadwinners, by contributing the largest portion of household income, generally cover most household expenses and financially support their dependents.

Is breadwinner an idiom?

Financial Idiom #2: Bread Winner The “breadwinner” became such because, across the 19th Century, bread was a staple food item for many families, and the “breadwinner” was simply the family member who brought home the money and, therefore, brought home the bread.

What is the best synonym for income?


  • cash.
  • compensation.
  • livelihood.
  • pay.
  • profit.
  • revenue.
  • salary.
  • wage.

Why is breadwinner called breadwinner?

The definition of the word itself is “a member of a family whose wages supply its livelihood,” which has the tendency to refer to the male head of the household. The breadwinner was the person who was able to “win” the most “bread” for the family, most likely the one who had the highest paying job.

Is breadwinner an offensive term?

Although the term breadwinner doesn’t seem to have a negative connotation, it can be frustrating that by earning the higher or sole income in your household, you are automatically in control of the decisions made.

What are examples of breadwinners?

The breadwinner is defined as someone who earns money to support a family. The working single mother is an example of the breadwinner. A working person whose earnings support his or her dependents. One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one’s dependents.

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What is a traditional breadwinner?

The breadwinner model is a paradigm of family centered on a breadwinner, ” the member of a family who earns the money to support the others.” Traditionally, the earner works outside the home to provide the family with income and benefits such as health insurance, while the non-earner stays at home and takes care of

What is a wage earner?

: a person who works for wages or salary.

What are wage earners called?

Words related to wage earner breadwinner, employee, jobholder, staffer, wage slave, wageworker.

What is earner mean?

An earner is someone or something that earns money or produces profit.

What is the synonym of item?

The words detail and particular are common synonyms of item. While all three words mean “one of the distinct parts of a whole,” item applies to each thing specified separately in a list or in a group of things that might be listed or enumerated.

What is bookkeeping income?

Definition: Income is the revenue a business earns from selling its goods and services or the money an individual receives in compensation for his or her labor, services, or investments. Businesses report this figure on the income statement whereas individuals report theirs on the form 1040.