Question: Which Property Cannot Be Transferred?

All interest in property restricted in its employment to the owner personally cannot be transferred by him. Even a right to future maintenance, in whatever manner arising, secured or determined cannot be transferred. A mere right to sue cannot be transferred.

Which property is non-transferable property?

A public office is non-transferable property therefore cannot be transferred, nor can the salary of the public officer be transferred. Thus, prohibition is based on public policy as a public office is held for personal qualities.

Which property Cannot transfer validity?

Interest restricted to personal enjoyment: An interest in the property restricted to personal enjoyment of the owner cannot be transferred by him and if he does so then it would be declared as void. A right to future maintenance, in whatsoever manner arising, secured or determined can’t also be transferred.

Which property is transferable property?

It includes movable, immovable, tangible and intangible assets. When a property is transferred, all the rights along with the property are also transferred. However arrangements may be made by which some of the rights may be transferred but not all.

Which properties Cannot be transferred validly?

Stipends related to Military, Naval, Air Forces, Civil Prisoners, government pensions, etc are personal rights and cannot be transferred. General rule of Transfer of Property is that property of any kind can be transferred from one person to another.

What may not be transferred?

(d) An interest in property restricted in its enjoyment to the owner personally cannot be transferred by him. (dd) A right to future maintenance, in whatsoever manner arising, secured or determined, cannot be transferred. (e) A mere right to sue cannot be transferred.

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What may be transferred and what may not be transferred?

Property of any kind may be transferred, except as otherwise provided by this Act or by any other law for the time being in force. (b) A mere right of re-entry for breach of a condition subsequent cannot be transferred to any one except the owner of the property affected thereby.

Who can transfer property under Transfer of Property Act?

The person may include an individual, company or association or body of individuals, and any kind of property may be transferred. (1).

Who may transfer the property?

Even when a person is mentally competent, but physically unable to sign any contract, the property lawyer hired by him, can do that with the help of a power of attorney. According to Section 6 of the Transfer of Property Act, the property of any kind may be transferred.

Who among the following Cannot transfer an immovable property?

Specific rights cannot be transferred, as there are only certain people who should enjoy the right. The right to sue, public office, unlawful objects cannot be transferred. The third element is competency as under Section 7 of TOPA. The individual must not be a minor or an insane person.

What are the types of transfer of property?

There are various modes of transferring ownership of property: permanently by 1) relinquishment 2) sale 3) gift; and temporarily by way of 4) mortgage 5) lease and, 6) leave and license agreement.

What are the kinds of transfer?

Types of Transfer– 5 Major Types: Production Transfers, Replacement Transfers, Shift Transfers, Remedial Transfers and Versatility Transfer

  • Production Transfers:
  • Replacement Transfers:
  • Shift Transfers:
  • Remedial Transfers:
  • Versatility Transfer:
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What do you mean by transfer of property?

Transfer of Property means an act by which a living person can conveys property, in present or in future, to one or more other living persons, or to himself, or to himself and one or more or other living persons, and to transfer property is to perform such act.

Which are not immovable property?

Immovable Property-Not defined under Transfer of Property Act. As per Section 3, immovable property does not include standing timber, growing crop and grass. Standing timbers are tree fit for use for building or repairing houses. This is an exception to the general rule that growing tree are immovable property.

Can future property be transferred?

There can be no transfer of future property. Thus the conveyance of the property must be from one living person to another living person. However transferee need not be a competent person like transferor.

Can a minor transfer property?

Acquisition of immovable property by a minor A minor is not competent to contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872 but as per the provisions of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, a minor can accept a gift of an immovable property, without the intervention of his guardians.