Readers ask: What Is Teddi Mellencamps Business?

After earning a reputation for upholding accountability while appearing on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Teddi Mellencamp is taking responsibility for her All In by Teddi wellness brand and signature coaching offerings.

What business does Teddi Mellencamp own?

All In By Teddi, which Bravo calls a multi-million dollar company, is Mellencamp’s coaching and wellness business. According to their website, All In By Teddi is a three-part program.

What does Teddi from Rhobh do?

Teddi is an in-demand accountability coach and fitness influencer whose thriving business, ALL IN by Teddi, has grown into a multi-million-dollar company, having changed over 10,000 lives.

How much was Teddi Mellencamp retreat?

You can sign up for this retreat on Teddi’s website. On, you could book the four-day event for $3,899.00 per person. This included your lodging, brunch and dinner, a “Living Vision Book Workshop with Heather Hayward & Dawn Alane Kelmenson,” some workouts, and a gift bag.

How much is Teddis beach house?

That’s not to say her new house isn’t as glamorous as the last—in fact, with a price tag of $6.49 million, Mellencamp inarguably upgraded. Located in easygoing Encino, the modern farmhouse is a perfect reset.

How much is Edwin worth?

Edwin Arroyave net worth: Edwin Arroyave is a Colombian American businessman and reality television personality who has a net worth of $12 million.

How many clients does Teddi Mellencamp have?

She claims that All In has helped over 15,000 clients to date — with new clients signing up for her text message-based “coaching services” that can cost as much as $599 in the first few weeks.

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Are Teddi and Kyle still friends?

RHOBH star Kyle Richards, 51, and her bestie, Teddi Mellencamp, 39, know how to have a good time. Even though Teddi isn’t on the show anymore, she and Kyle are still going strong, according to Kyle’s latest Instagram post.

How does Teddi Mellencamp make her money?

The daughter of a famous singer (John Cougar Mellencamp), Teddi Mellencamp from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills grew up with money, and has likely been given some cash by her famous father. Teddi also has her own weight loss program. Plus, her husband Edwin Arroyave is the CEO of his own security business.

Why was Teddi fired from RHOBH?

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Teddi Mellencamp has been “fired” from the show for being “boring and stale.” Teddi has only been featured on RHOBH for three seasons, but announced the news that her contract for the show is not being renewed.

What is Teddi mellencamps diet plan?

The Jumpstart program is completely vegetarian and free of dairy and alcohol. The website claims that its meal plan provides 1,100–1,200 calories per day and requires 60 minutes of exercise 7 days per week, including jogging and spinning.

Is Teddi Mellencamp vegan?

On Instagram Stories, she shared that while she’s not vegan, she doesn’t mix carbs with animal protein. Instead of limiting herself to the perimeters of a specific diet, she instead recommends changing your overall lifestyle in a way that is personal and holistic: “Diets don’t work,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Who is Teddi Mellencamp age?

On Sunday, the 39-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared an update with her fans on social media about her daughter, who was diagnosed with lambdoid craniosynostosis in July.

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Where is Teddy’s Beach House Rhobh?

In an uncertain time, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom is finding peace at her Dana Point beach house.