Readers ask: Which Is The Blossom End Of A Pickle?

When you’re pickling cucumbers, you must cut off the blossom ends. It’s easy to tell which is the blossom end if you’re harvesting cucumbers from your own garden. You can see the stem and you’ll know that the blossom was on the opposite side of the fruit.

Which end is the flower end of a cucumber?

When your cucumber is growing, the bottom end of it is called the blossom end (where the flower was). Trim this end off of your cucumbers, as it contains enzymes that soften pickles. Just a little sliver off the end takes care of those enzymes. 4.

Where is the blossom on a cucumber?

Cucumber plants produce both male and female blooms. The male blooms appears on a slender stem, while the female bloom has a swollen ovary that looks like a miniature cucumber at the base.

Which end of cucumber do you cut first?

First, wash your cucumbers thoroughly. Then cut a small piece off from both the stem and blossom ends. I usually try and make the piece no larger than about half an inch. Next, place the cut piece back on the cucumber and start rubbing the flat ends together.

Can you eat pickle stems?

You can actually saute those stems or add them to stir fry, but you can also use them to make yummy pickles! Try this amazing pickled chard stem recipe.

Why do you cut the ends of cucumbers?

The compound tends to be concentrated at the ends. Hence you rub the ends, sprinkling the salt helps in extracting the white milky fluid that contains the cucurbitacins. By cutting off the ends of the cucumber you reduce the likelihood of getting the cucurbitacins to spread to the rest of the cucumber.

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Do yellow flowers turn into cucumbers?

The ovary of the female flower looks like a baby fruit and is located behind the flower’s petals. When the female flower is pollinated, the fruit begins to develop. High-yield “gynoecious” cucumber hybrids designed to produce smaller, pickling cucumbers have a higher percentage of female flowers.

How do you know if a flower is male or female?

The male parts, or stamens, are typically found around the pistil. A stamen contains two parts: The anther is the tip that produces pollen, the male reproductive cells. Male flowers are carried on slender stalks; female blooms have swollen embryonic fruit at the base.

What are the yellow flowers on my cucumber plant?

This well-pollinated cucumber plant is growing a new cucumber. The fruit comes from the female flower, pollinated by pollen transferred from a male flower, like the bright yellow one above. Ideally, pollen is transferred by bees, but if not, hand-pollination is an option.

What side of a cucumber do you cut?

Cut the cucumber vertically in half, and then thinly slice cut-side down at a diagonal angle from end to end.

Can you peel cucumbers for pickling?

For a quick pickle that’s closer to the familiar bread and butter pickles, add one large onion, peeled and sliced into rounds, to the cucumbers from the beginning of the process. 1. Trim and discard the blossom end of the cucumbers, then peel the cucumbers and cut them into rounds about 1/4-inch thick.

Should I peel cucumbers before pickling?

If you are planning to make refrigerator pickles, simply washing the jars and lids is fine. Prepare the cucumbers. Trim away the blossom or stem end of the cucumber, which contains enzymes that can lead to limp pickles. Leave the cucumbers whole, cut them into spears, or slice them into coins, as desired.