What is the elevation of cloudcroft new mexico

  • Cloudcroft, New Mexico, has a resident population of about 850 people. The “greater Cloudcroft” area adds about 2,000 more people. The town elevation is 8,600 feet, but you can get to almost 9,000 feet by climbing the hill above Burro Street, our main street. “Cloudcroft” is an old English word meaning covered or shrouded in clouds.

How much snow does Cloudcroft NM have?

How much does it snow in Cloudcroft ? In Cloudcroft , New Mexico , during the entire year, snow aggregates up to 70.2″ (1783.2mm).

What city has the highest elevation in New Mexico?


What is the highest elevation in New Mexico?

13,161 feet

What’s the lowest elevation in New Mexico?

2,842 feet

What is the coldest month in New Mexico?

January 4

What is the prettiest part of New Mexico?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In New Mexico , USA Silver City. Cloudcroft. Ruidoso. Truth or Consequences. Madrid. Aztec. Las Vegas. Mesilla. Situated to the west of Las Cruces, the lovely town of Mesilla has managed to retain its historic character and small town charm despite its proximity to New Mexico’s second biggest city.

Is Santa Fe higher than Denver?

Santa Fe sits at an elevation of 7,198 feet, making it the third highest city in America. To put that altitude in perspective, the “Mile High City” of Denver sits at just 5280 feet – and residents of that city love to complain about altitude sickness.

Does New Mexico have high altitude?

As you can see by the map, New Mexico resides at elevations well over 2,000 feet above sea level. The mean elevation of the state is 5,700 feet above sea level ranking New Mexico as the fourth highest state.

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What US city has the highest altitude?


Does New Mexico have 14ers?

Re: New Mexico Mountains Most of them are climbable but a few are on Federal property and extremely difficult to get access to. There are so many great peaks in the state. Taylor, Truchas, Wheeler, and Whitewater Baldy are some of my favorites.

What are the mountains in New Mexico called?

The Rocky Mountains run along the northern region of the state and are known as the Sangre de Cristo (Spanish for Blood of Christ) Mountains. These mountains run along the eastern edge of the Rio Grande River and include Wheeler Peak , which reaches the highest point in New Mexico at 13,161 feet above sea level.

Where is the chile capital of the world?

Hatch is widely known as the ” Chile Capital of the World ,” for growing a wide variety of peppers, especially the New Mexican cuisine staple, and one of New Mexico’s state vegetables, the New Mexico chile .

Which state has the highest altitude?


What is the highest point in all 50 states?

The highest point in every US state Alaska — Denali , 20,310 feet above sea level. California — Mount Whitney, 14,505 feet above sea level. Colorado — Mount Elbert, 14,440 feet above sea level. Washington — Mount Rainier, 14,417 feet above sea level. Wyoming — Gannett Peak, 13,809 feet above sea level.

What state has the most Hills?

Colorado Mexico