What is the weather in puerto penasco mexico

Is Puerto Penasco Safe 2020?

U.S. citizens visiting Puerto Peñasco are urged to cross the border at Lukeville, Ariz., to limit driving through Mexico and to limit travel to main roads during daylight hours.” “ Puerto Peñasco is a safe place as long as you are not checking your brain at the border,” Schwab said.

What is the best time to go to Puerto Penasco?

The Best Time to Go : The most popular times to visit Rocky Point are March through June. The weather is warm and temperate, before the high temps of July and August set in. Keep in mind that March and April will bring Spring Break crowds.

Is it safe to go to Rocky Point Mexico?

“We are always saddened to hear reports of violence in Mexico , but rest assured, Rocky Point has one of the lowest levels of crime in Mexico . Avoiding travel to Rocky Point because of news reports would be akin to avoiding travel to Phoenix because of reports of violence in Los Angeles.

Are there flights to Puerto Penasco?

Flights to Puerto Penasco ( Rocky Point ), Mexico Rocky Point has had regularly scheduled commercial flights in recent years, but currently, charter flights are the only option. Departing from Phoenix, Westwind Air Service offers on-demand charters to Puerto Penasco and other destinations in Mexico.

Can I go to Rocky Point without a passport 2020?

In order to travel to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), you need a valid USA Passport or a USA Passport Card (or carnet) authorized by the US Department of State. Children under 16 years of age arriving to USA from Mexico or Canada may present a birth certificate (original or copy).

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Is it safe to drive to Rocky Point Mexico from Phoenix?

All the roads from Phoenix all the way to Rocky Point are in good condition. A 4WD vehicle isn’t necessary to make the trip. There are some roads like the one pictured here in the Cholla Bay area, and the neighborhood streets in some parts of Rocky Point aren’t that great either.

How expensive is Puerto Penasco?

You have to pay 2.08 times less for shopping in Mexico than in United States. The average accommodation cost in Puerto Penasco range from: 66 USD (1,300 MXN) in hostel to 132 USD (2,600 MXN) in 3 star hotel. Price per night in a luxury hotel in Puerto Penasco is about 395 USD (7,900 MXN).

Is there sharks in Puerto Penasco?

Great white sharks have been seen and tracked close to Penasco . Hammer heads migrate in the spring near Penasco . Whale shark seen recently (not really a shark ).

Is the water warm in Puerto Penasco?

Water Temperature The time of year with warmer water lasts for 3.1 months, from July 5 to October 10, with an average temperature above 82°F. The day of the year with the warmest water is August 25, with an average temperature of 87°F.

How dangerous is Puerto Penasco?

Mexico overall is rated Level 2 in the latest advisory. Puerto Peñasco , in northern Sonora, is Level 3 in the new system because of drug and crime problems in other parts of the state, including a triangular region west of Nogales, east of Sonoyta and north of Altar that is well known for drug trafficking.

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Can you drink the water in Rocky Point?

While it is perfectly safe in Rocky Point to bathe in or brush your teeth, when it comes to drinking , stick with bottled water . Even the restaurants in Rocky Point offer jugs of bottled water for your safety and convenience.

How much money do you need for a week in Mexico?

There’s no real upper limit as to what you can spend in Mexico , so you could be looking at anywhere between $100 and $500 a day while you ‘re there.

Does Southwest fly to Puerto Penasco?

The cheapest way to get from Southwest Airlines to Puerto Peñasco is to fly and bus which costs $90 – $360 and takes 15h 59m.

What is the closest airport to Puerto Penasco Mexico?

Rocky Point Airport

How do you get to Puerto Penasco?

From California and southwestern AZ: Puerto Peñasco can now be easily reached by car along the new Coastal Highway 003. From the US/Mexico border near San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, take Mexico highway 2 east to highway 003 that leads to Santa Clara Gulf. From Santa Clara to Puerto Peñasco it is about 1½ hours. Mexico