What state is ensenada mexico in

How big of a city is Ensenada, Mexico?

  • Situated in the northwest part of Mexico, Ensenada is located in the state of Baja California approximately 70 miles south of the United States border. There are approximately 520,000 people living within the 23 square miles of the city making it the third largest city by population in Baja California.

How far is Ensenada Mexico from the US border?

108 kilometres

Is it safe to visit Ensenada Mexico?

Ensenada has a regular port of call for luxurious cruise ships, which means a constant stream of tourists. The city is generally secure, the index of crime is low, maybe the lowest in the whole of Mexico . However, like anywhere, being safe means heading warnings and being aware of potential dangers in Ensenada .

Is there cell service in Ensenada Mexico?

If you’re using your cell phone in Baja, chances are that you have one of the four main US wireless services : T- Mobile , AT&T (Cingular), Sprint or Verizon . You may have an easier time calling throughout Mexico with T- Mobile or AT&T, since they cover a lot more territory.

Is Baja California part of the United States or Mexico?

Yes. Baja California is the northern half of the western peninsula of Mexico that runs from the U.S. border and Tijuana to the north, to midway down the peninsula to Guerrero Negro as its southern border (the region below that is Baja California Sur).

Do you need a passport to go to Ensenada Mexico?

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

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Is Ensenada worth visiting?

Ensenada is a fantastic town to visit as either a short trip from San Diego or as part of a longer itinerary through Mexico. There are plenty of interesting things to do and fantastic places to eat that will ensure you will have a memorable trip.

Can you use US dollars in Ensenada?

The peso is the official currency of Mexico. Nevertheless, most businesses in Ensenada accept American dollars . It is not necessary for travelers to Ensenada to convert American dollars into Mexican pesos.

Can you drink the water in Ensenada?

Mexican tap water is treated, but it’s generally considered unsafe for drinking in most parts of Mexico. Most people buy purified water in bottles. Bottled water , like all bottled beverages, is always safe for drinking and is available almost everywhere.

Can you swim in Ensenada?

NO DECENT SWIMMING at Ensenada . But it’s a great town with shopping, excellent restaurants, and is close to the Valle de Guadalupe wine country. You could swim at Rosarito Beach (north of Ensenada and south of Tijuana) but, frankly, you ‘d be better off in San Diego/La Jolla.

Do cell phones work in Mexico?

Mobile Phones Many US and Canadian cellular carriers offer Mexico roaming deals. Mexican SIM cards can be used in unlocked phones ; all unlocked smartphones are compatible with Mexican data systems. WhatsApp and Viber are widely used, as are VoIP calls.

Can I use my Iphone in Mexico?

As long as you have an unlocked phone with a SIM card slot, you should be able to purchase a SIM overseas (with data, calling, texting, whatever you need), or pre-order a SIM card. Then slip it into your phone, and have a fully-functioning local phone.

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What is the best cell phone service in Mexico?


Why isn’t Baja California part of the US?

The Mexican- American War (1846-1848) had major repercussions in Baja California . The original draft of the treaty included Baja California in the sale, but the United States eventually agreed to omit the peninsula because of its proximity to Sonora, which is located just across the narrow Sea of Cortés.

Is Baja California Safe 2020?

Is Baja California safe ? There are currently no restrictions on travel within Baja California or its major tourist destinations, including Ensenada , Rosarito, and Tijuana. There has been criminal activity and violence in Baja California . However, these incidents have been between criminal organizations and gangs.

Is Baja California expensive?

Summary. Cost of living in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico is $830 and it seems expensive according to the average monthly salary which is $344. For more insights check the list of average prices of Restaurants, Markets, Transportation, Utilities, and 40 more categories. Mexico