Where is punta mita mexico on the map

Where is Punta Mita in Nayarit, Mexico?

  • Punta Mita is a beachfront village on the north end of Banderas Bay in the state of Nayarit, about 40 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

Where do you fly into to get to Punta Mita Mexico?

PUNTA MITA AIRPORT (PVR) The closest airports in the area are the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International airport (PVR) located about 19 miles (31 km) southeast of Punta Mita in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the Tepic airport (TPQ) located approximately 63 miles (101 km) northeast of Punta Mita in Tepic, Mexico .

How far is Puerto Vallarta from Punta Mita?

34 km

How far is Punta Mita from Cancun?

1935 km

How far is Punta Mita from Los Angeles?

1935 km

How do you get to Punta Mita Mexico?

By Air. Most travelers will opt to take the most straightforward and simple route to Punta Mita , which is to fly into Puerto Vallarta and then drive or book a car. They will arrive at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta. This is less than an hour south of Punta Mita .

Can you swim in the ocean in Punta Mita?

It is a beautiful beach where you can go swimming , paddle boarding or even surfing. over a year ago. We would sit at the ocean and use the pool to swim .

Is Punta Mita worth visiting?

Punta de Mita is incredibly beautiful, and with so many activities to enjoy, you may never want to leave. However, the nearby towns are well worth exploring too, full of interesting restaurants, beautiful shops, and local culture.

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Is Punta Mita safe to travel 2020?

Is Nayarit safe ? Travel to many of the major destinations in Riviera Nayarit (including Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita , and the Bahia de Banderas) plus Santa Maria del Oro are unrestricted. However, the US government recommends reconsidering travel to the state.

What is Punta Mita known for?

Punta Mita is a luxurious, 1,500-acre resort and residential community that lies on a private spear-shaped peninsula surrounded on three sides by white sand beaches, Pacific Ocean waters and lush tropical flora. “Welcome to the heart and soul of Punta Mita : Its diversity of amazing neighbors and delightful people.”

Is Punta Mita safe?

Punta de Mita is a very safe and laid back little town. Everybody in the neighborhood knows each other and looks out for one another. Walking to and from the restaurants and around town at night is not an issue.

Which side of Mexico is better?

West Coast: Mexico’s west coast is often visited by those looking for a more cultural experience. From art galleries to old traditions and architecture, the west coast provides a strong insight to Mexico’s past and present. Thanks to its Pacific waves, it’s also the best coast for surfers.

What state is Punta de Mita in?

Nayarit Mexico