FAQ: Are Cyclamen Hardy?

Hardy Cyclamen Both species are hardy to USDA Zone 5 and do best in well-drained soil rich in humus, and located in areas of dappled (not heavy) shade among trees and shrubs.

How do I know if my cyclamen is Hardy?

We are often asked about hardiness and the easiest way to know if a cyclamen is hardy is simply, the bigger and showier the flowers, the less likely it is to be suitable for outdoors all year round.

Are cyclamen freeze Hardy?

Unlike florist’s cyclamen that grows outdoors only in warm climates, hardy cyclamen tolerates cold climates and freezing winters. However, this cool climate plant doesn’t survive where summers are hot and dry. Hardy cyclamen grows in nearly any type of loose, well-drained soil.

How cold hardy are cyclamen?

While cyclamen like cool weather, they don’t like frost to settle directly on them. That’s easy enough to remedy by using old sheets or frost cloth overnight. But if we get another 90 hours straight of below-freezing temperatures, coupled with days of snow cover, cyclamen will not survive.

Will cyclamen survive the winter?

Cyclamen coum AGM: This species and its many excellent cultivars have pink or magenta flowers during the depths of winter from January to March, surviving in the severest weather. Cyclamen hederifolium AGM: This excellent garden plant will provide ground cover from winter to spring.

Are cyclamen perennials or annuals?

Cyclamen are a genus of about 20 tuberous perennials grown for their pink and white flowers that appear at a time when few other plants are flowering.

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Are cyclamen perennial UK?

They’re hardy perennials, making them popular choices for British gardeners, and, depending on the varieties you choose, they can bring colour to your garden year-round. This plant is so popular in some places that its populations have been depleted by illegal collection, making them endangered.

What temperature is too cold for cyclamen?

at night, your cyclamen will start to die slowly. Temperatures that are too high will cause the plant to begin to yellow, and the flowers will fade rapidly. Cyclamen that are sold as houseplants are tropical and cannot tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees F. (4 C.).

How cold is too cold for cyclamen?

Cyclamen that are sold as houseplants are Mediterranean and cannot tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees, so be sure to protect them when transporting the plants home.

What do you do with cyclamen in the summer?

Put your plant somewhere cool and dry for the summer – a sheltered, shady spot outdoors is ideal. Keep the compost barely moist. If you live in a wet area, lay the pot on its side so excess rainwater drains away. Your cyclamen should start to regrow in September.

How long do cyclamen last outside?

They will last 5 or 6 days, and you won’t even have to go outside to be reminded that winter is edging away.

Do cyclamen like sun or shade?

The tubers are actually just “resting,” and need only enough water to keep from completely drying out until new leaves emerge in the fall. They tolerate sun or partial shade, but need protection from hot sun in the afternoons.

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Where should I plant cyclamen in my garden?

They thrive around the base of mature shrubs and trees, but they also are happy along north facing walls, in stone troughs and in the rock garden. As a general rule, cyclamen prefer a position which is slightly shaded in summer, and moist during autumn through to late spring.

Does cyclamen come back each year?

A delightful tuberous perennial providing colour often when little else is flowering, particularly in late winter or early spring.

Can I leave my cyclamen outside?

Cyclamen sold as houseplants can spend the summer outside but are not always fully hardy and should be kept indoors from late-autumn through until late-spring so they are not damaged by frost.

Do cyclamen come back every year UK?

Is it a perennial or an annual? Answer: Cyclamen is a tuberous perennial. In warmer climates (Zones 6-9), it may be planted in the ground and will reappear every year. In colder areas of Zone 6, it may be wise to add an extra layer of mulch to protect it from harsh temperatures during the winter.