FAQ: Do All Locks Have Different Keys?

No. The same company usually offers locks that are keyed-alike (ka), for the homeowners who want their front and back doors to use the same key, and to have a total of four identical keys to open either lock.

Does every lock have a different key?

While there is seemingly scope for every door lock in the world to require a unique key, reality is that a limited number of different key and door lock combinations exist. This is simply because key and door lock manufacturers don’t need to go through the hassle of making each door lock unique.

How do you know if locks are the same key?

You can test if the locks use the same keyway by taking the existing key you want to use and seeing if it slides into the keyholes of the locks you want to match that key. If it slides in, they can be rekeyed to work with your existing key.

Do all master locks have different keys?

In a Master Keyed system, a master key opens all the locks in the system although each lock also has its own unique key. MK in the product number designates that the products will be Master Keyed.

Can a locksmith change all locks to same key?

For the system to work, all the locks on your property must be of the same brand or have the same type of keyway. After all the different types of locks have been replaced, you can re-key them all to work using the same key.

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Can a key open two different locks?

Master key systems have been around for some time. In short, a master key system allows one keys to open multiple different locks. At the same time, more than one key can open the same lock. In an office building, for example, each employee can have their own key which unlocks the door to their office.

Are Kwikset locks unique?

each pin in a Kwikset has six depths, the first pin can have six depths, the second pin six depths, etc, so it is 6 to the power of 5 or 7776 theoretical unique keys.

How do I match my new door locks?

How to Rekey a Lock

  1. Step 1: Remove the Doorknob. The first step is to remove the doorknob from the door.
  2. Step 2: Remove the Cylinder.
  3. Step 3: Take Out the C-Clip.
  4. Step 4: Attach Key Plug.
  5. Step 5: Dump the Old Pins.
  6. Step 6: Insert New Pins.
  7. Step 7: Replace the Plug.
  8. Step 8: Reattach Knob to Door.

How do you get all locks to match?

To get your locks re-keyed, visit your local locksmith to have them do it for you. Or, just ask the store you’re purchasing the locks from to re-key the lock to one you may already own. It’s a process that should only take a few minutes.

How do you get locks keyed alike?

Changing all your locks to be keyed alike is only possible if the locks are all compatible. “If you want your doors keyed alike, you can test this at home simply by picking a key from one of your doors and inserting it into the different locks. If the key goes in the lock, then that lock can be keyed alike.”

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How do you unlock a lock without a key?

The non-locking side of the door should have a small hole on the face of the knob. Hidden inside the hole is a small button that must be pushed to unlock the door. You simply need a straight, stiff tool to unlock it. Try using a straightened paperclip or a tiny eyeglass-repair screwdriver.

What is keyed alike and keyed different?

Let’s begin with ‘Keying Alike’. Essentially this is where all locks within a set have the same key code, or in other words, one key can used to open multiple locks within the set. ‘Keyed to Differ’ is simply where each lock will come with its own key, one which cannot be used on any other locks.

What to do if you lost a key to a lock?

Contact a locksmith. If you have lost your only set of house keys, key replacement is your only option. You will need to get in touch with a reputable and experienced local locksmith who will be able to make you a new key. A skilled locksmith will create a key to lock by hand, without needing the original key.

How much does it cost to have your locks changed?

You’ll pay from $40 to $300 to buy a new door lock, depending on design, materials, and whether it’s a simple key-in-knob lock or a high-end lock-and-handle combo with smart technology features. Professional locksmith installation can add another $80 to $200, depending on the complexity of the lock.

Is it cheaper to buy new locks or rekey?

Due to the extremely low price of the key pins in the locks, rekeying is almost always much cheaper than getting your locks changed. When rekeying your locks, you are only being charged for the labor, whereas when you get your locks changed, you’re paying both for labor and parts.