FAQ: How Do You Grow Sichuan Peppers?

Szechuan pepper plants tolerate full sun or partial shade, however, afternoon shade is beneficial in hotter climates. Water as necessary to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water is important during extended dry periods, especially for plants grown in pots. Szechuan pepper plants generally don’t require much pruning.

Can you grow Sichuan pepper in the US?

Today, it’s possible to grow Sichuan pepper (also called Szechuan pepper) in the USA, in your very own garden. All that’s needed is to be careful as to where you get your sapling from. We recommend checking with your local agriculture department before purchasing anything.

How do you grow Szechuan peppers from seed?

Growing Szechuan Pepper: Plant seeds or small trees in well draining soil and add a handful of all-purpose fertilizer at planting time. This will give the plant extra nutrients and start off the growth process. Plant your Szechuan pepper tree in partial or full sun. In hotter climates, these trees prefer afternoon sun.

Is Sichuan pepper a seed?

Szechuan Pepper can be grown from seed or cuttings and we now are able to sell you seed of both the Japanese and Chinese varieties. However, please be aware, you will be a good few year away from harvesting.

Why was Sichuan pepper banned?

From 1968 to 2005, the United States Food and Drug Administration banned the importation of Sichuan peppercorns because they were found to be capable of carrying citrus canker (as the tree is in the same family, Rutaceae, as the genus Citrus).

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Are Sichuan peppercorns banned?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture banned Sichuan pepper to save the citrus industry. According to one restaurateur, the treated peppercorns imparted about 10 percent less heat and tingling sensation in the mouth than untreated ones — not good enough for a seasoned málà aficionado.

Is Sichuan pepper toxic?

The seeds themselves are tasteless; it’s the fragrant pink husks of the peppercorn that are valuable. Like some other habit-forming items, Sichuan peppercorns are actually toxic when ingested in large quantities.

What is the difference between Sichuan pepper and black pepper?

The Sichuan peppercorn by itself does not have more spicy hotness than black peppercorns, but the mouth tingle acts to enhance tastes.

What spice makes your tongue numb?

When you eat chillies, capsaicin induces a burning sensation known in Chinese as là. Sichuan peppercorns produce a phenomenon called paraesthesia, in which the lips and tongue feel as though they are vibrating and go vaguely numb – known as má.

Can you grow a peppercorn?

Yes, growing black pepper is possible and here’s a little more black pepper information which will make it even more worthy beyond saving a couple of dollars. Piper nigrum, or peppercorn plant, is a tropical plant cultivated for its black, white, and red peppercorns.

Are Sichuan and Szechuan the same?

Today, you’ll find “Szechuan” more frequently used on the east coast, and “Sichuan” on the west.

How long do Sichuan peppercorns last?

Sichuan pepper doesn’t tend to go off but its aroma and numbing effect would decrease over time. Whole peppercorns could retain its quality for up to a year if stored properly. Ground pepper loses its taste more quickly so it’s advisable to finish it within 1-2 months (if making your own, grind a little at a time).

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Is Sichuan pepper a nightshade?

Broadly speaking these families are diveded into [1] the ‘real’ peppers, genus Piperita from the pepper family (Piperaceae), [2] the chilli peppers, the genus Capsicum from the nightshade family (Solanaceae), and [3] the pimentas, the genus Pimenta from the myrtle family (Myrtaceae).

What peppers are used in Chinese food?

Tien Tsin chile peppers are also known as Chinese Red Peppers or Tianjin peppers. These chiles are most popular when used in Asian cooking, especially in the Hunan or Szechwan styles. These upward pointing fruits start out green and mature to a bright red. These particular chile plants have relatively low yields.

What is tribute pepper?

It is also called gong jiao, or Tribute Pepper, as it was a delicacy sent annually from Hanyuan to the emperor as tribute. The peppercorns are hand-picked and dried by the farmers before our buyer chooses the best and and has them machine-sorted once and hand-sorted twice, as only the top grades are.

What is in white pepper?

White pepper, like black pepper, is made from the berries of the pepper plant, also known as the Piper nigrum. These berries are then soaked in water to ferment. Finally, the outer layer is removed leaving only the inner seed. Because the skin is removed, some of the flavor is taken, including the piperine.