FAQ: Is Benjamin Moore Dove White Warm Or Cool?

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC 17 White Dove has a warm creamy yellow undertone that’s WELL grounded with a neutral base to calm it down, making it a WARM white paint colour. White Dove accommodates many different paint colours because while it’s a warm white, it has an almost greige base bringing the warmth down.

Is white dove too yellow?

White Dove does not have a yellow appearance or undertone nor is it a pure white. It stands as a soft, warm white with more of gray undertones than yellow. White Dove can read differently in rooms based on lighting, furniture choice, and accent colors in a space.

Is Dove white a warm color?

White Dove is a soft, warm white. It feels warm and creamy thanks to its slight green undertone, but never comes across yellow. White Dove has a Light Reflective Value of (LRV) of 85, which means its fairly bright light white.

Does BM white dove look yellow?

Yes, if you’re looking for a warm white, look no further than White Dove. Bursting with creamy undertones, White Dove is a very soft white. Next to other popular white paint colors, White Dove has a slight yellow tint to it, however, when by itself, you only notice a soft white, free of all yellow undertones.

What colors go with Dove white?

Additionally, White Dove is paired with Yukon Sky (a purpley-gray) and Horizon Gray (a sage green) for a more muted, pastel palette. Truly, White Dove looks amazing with beiges, grays, blacks, blues, greens, reds, and more. One of my personal favorite pairings for White Dove is to put it with greige paint colors.

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Does white dove look gray?

White Dove has a definite warm, creamy undertone. However, in a surprise twist, the shade can also show gray undertones, which helps the color not feel overly warm. When placed against a light gray, the swatch of White Dove presents with a taupe undertone, making it almost a greige.

Does white dove look dingy?

If the wall color has at least 0.20 more/less in Chroma, then White Dove will look like a clean, crisp creamy white and unlikely to appear dirty/dingy. This is why you’ll find conflicting opinions about White Dove. For some it’s dirty/dingy for others it’s the most beautiful creamy white they’ve ever used.

What color is white dove by Benjamin Moore?

WHAT COLOR IS WHITE DOVE. Benjamin Moore White Dove is a soft, creamy, off-white paint color. When it comes to white paint colors, White Dove is rather neutral. By neutral I mean, it is not super warm or cool and it’s not a true white.

Does white Dove go with classic gray?

Clean whites such as Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65) Oxford White (BM 869) and Extra White (SW 7006) look clean and crisp with Classic Gray. Stay away from darker off-whites such as White Dove or cream colors such as Swiss Coffee because there won’t be enough contrast and the combination will look like a mistake.

Is white dove the same as alabaster?

When comparing Sherwin Williams Alabaster to Benjamin Moore White Dove, there are a few differences very slight between the two colors. White Dove is a bit more white than Alabaster. Both paint colors are very light and have a high LRV, White Dove being a tiny bit higher at 85.38.

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What does it mean when you see a white dove?

White doves are symbolic of new beginnings, peace, fidelity, love, luck and prosperity. Releasing doves uplifts the eyes, signifies new beginnings and true celebrations in flight. The symbol of the pure white dove transcends all cultures and traditions.

What is the most popular Benjamin Moore white paint?

You won’t be surprised that Benjamin Moore’e White Dove, Decorator’s White & Chantilly Lace are the most popular white paint colors in their collections. They are both trending in the 2020’s, but also timeless colorless white paint colors.

Can I paint ceiling white dove?

White Dove works because it marries warm and cool tones well. It can handle a room with multiple colors and finishes because the warmth is subtle. If it looks dirty, muddy, too warm, or yellow, it’s not the right white.

What gray paint goes with white dove?

Almost any color looks so great with Dove White. Here’s a few top recommendations: You simply can’t go wrong with this light gray paint, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Benjamin Moore Cape Hatteras Sand, Calm, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Sea Salt also look perfect with White Dove.